Vekh Baraataan Challiyan: Its Celebration Time Indeed

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Now that’s how comedy and wholesome entertainment ought to be.Punjabi film #VekhBaraataanChalliyan (Behold Marriage Processions) brings together conflicting refrains of Punjabi Boy(Binnu Dhillon) wooing and wanting to marry a Haryanvi girl Kavita Kaushik(of TV serial FIR fame).

After he has wooed her successfully against his father’s wishes,Girls father believes in Kundali and astrological remedies.Boy is a Manglik.He is advised to marry a bitch first and then marry the girl,as the bitch will die within twenty one days.

Whether the boy agrees to go all out for his beloved,whether he marries a bitch or not,whether the bitch dies within the specified period or not.Eventually what happens to his love story is how the whole scenario unfolds.

Naresh Kathooria (of Carry on Jatta fame)as a screenplay-dialogue writer has done a fabulous job. Dialogues are to die for.

Performances across the board are competent with Kavita Kaushik stealing the thunder.Except for some put on accent by Amardeep Gill nothing is jarring.

Kkshitij Chaudhry as a director has crafted a rollicking,wholesome entertainer with a heart. Highly recommended.


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