Tumhari Sulu Film Review: Just About Yours

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Its psychological fact that when you feel inadequate in some facet of your life, you tend to overcompensate by getting better in other areas.

Sulochana aka Sulu (Vidya Balan) is one such character who has not passed her 12th standard. A middle class housewife she is multi talented and has a penchant for participating and winning in hurdle races (lemon and spoon for one),contests and competitions.

She has a loving nuclear family of a doting husband Ashok (Manav Kaul) and an endearing son Pranav (Abhishek Sharma).

Her life is a collage of middle class aspirations,house chores and enthusiastically fulfilling her responsibilities as a wife and a mother.

Her life takes a turn when she wins in a radio competition, and is taken in as a Radio Jockey on her insistence that though not qualified, she can still do it (Main Kar sakti hai).Its unbelievable but still you take it in your stride just because of sincerity of Vidya Balan’s performance.

Her late night show is named ‘Tumhari Sulu’ where she has to chat with the so called ‘goondas,mawaalis, rickshaw wallas and lonely souls’ and provide them with an escape to their monotonous existence.

Now what she brings on the table while hosting this show has her own homegrown wisdom plus inherent charm. This aspect had tremendous potential for exploration and was the major premise. Unfortunately it is given a short shrift as the narrative gets into the stories of Sulu’s husband and her son.

From here on its more about how a woman is handicapped while working in a night job.How it affects her relationship with her husband,son and an extended family consisting of sisters and an old father.

You still bear with the happenings due to easy,natural performances by all the characters. Neha Dhupia as Radio Channel’s boss, Vijay Maurya as a producer of the show, and even the real RJ Malishka Mendosa debuting on screen, do full justice to their roles.

Vidya Balan indeed is the heartbeat of the entire ensemble as Manav Kaul with his understated act keeps the tempo alive.

Debut Director Suresh Triveni who is a main writer too, does a fine job of detailing the nuances of a middle class household milieu. Even the dialogues(additional screenplay and dialogues by Vijay Maurya) are colloquial and filled with mirth and natural humour.

Still the movie does not provide a satiating experience due to stretched,repetitive screenplay that further gets distracted by forced drama post interval.

Tumhari Sulu could have been a wonderful exploration of territories uncharted, but comes out just another take on a woman who is challenged to balance her personal and professional life.The climax is sweet, expected yet an exercise in convenience to say the least.

Sulu also could have been yours ,mine, a la Rajni of a famous DD serial in eighties, but falls short of making it to our hearts and staying there. She is there, now, here and still nowhere.



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