Trapped Film Review: Desperate Measures

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The scenario is scary indeed. What if you enter some place, where there is no way out and everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. What if you have no one to rescue you.

The survival instinct kicks in and you have to depend on your own resources to get out alive.This survival against all odds premise has spawned many a film and TV series too.

Trapped is transporting the premise of Castaway, Lost  to another island of steel and concrete, that is Mumbai with its fast changing skyline of skyscrapers.

From the word go, the way things are set up for our diffident protagonist Shauraya (Raj Kummar Rao), you have this sense of foreboding. To not let go his lady love Noori ( Geetanjali Thapa ,pleasant), who is willing to get married to him against the choice made by her parents, provided Shauraya has a decent place of dwelling rather than shacking with four others in a crowded one BHK; Shauraya goes all out to have a decent flat on rent.

The desperation brings him to an apartment where he dreams of living with his girl friend, but the nightmare ensues.Our hero is locked in the confines of a flat that he stupidly and not unwittingly rents in an unoccupied desolate high rise, that is entangled in a legal dispute about an OC (occupancy certificate), and in which he is the sole occupant.

One wonders how could anyone think of getting into a building where you are the solo resident. At the same time you real admire the courage of those who go to reside first in such newly built high rises.

Being locked out to the outside world as all the visible and available means of communication are dead– mobile phone being the main one, Our hero is in for a harrowing time.

Screenplay with minimalist dialogues (Amit Joshi, Haardik Mehta) is replete with repetitiveness.There are few bright spots where our hero’s ingenuity is in full display. The thrill really ensues in one of the sequences where an outside help seems on the way,but then it pitters away.

This one actor film has its moments but most of the time it is not able to make you suspend your sense of disbelief. Certain things are planted for sake of convenience. Certain plants have no closure. Thrill element is like a waning moon.

By the time it ends, you have less of sympathy for the protagonist and more a sense of alarm that how one shouldn’t be so stupid to take desperate measures in desperate situations created by your own self.

Vikramaditya Motwane had really taken off with his debut Udaan, but made feel viewers robbed with his indulgent Lootera. With Trapped he shows his persistence, like our hero who keeps reminding himself : Yahan nahin marna hai. Yahan se nikalna hai.The director persists being indulgent.

For Phantom Films, this production made on a shoe-string budget may be a way out of the trap of string of flops. But for a discerning viewers its not full value for money. But for Raj Kummar Rao’s bravura performance you would feel trapped with this survival genre film with its simplistic screenplay being applauded as something great.

So moral of the story is when you are desperate for anything, be aware of being trapped, including your desperation to buy a ticket. Buyers beware.


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