Tiger Zinda Hai Film Review: Yes Superstardom Is Alive

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This is one of those films that does not need a review. It’s like having asked first mountaineer to conquer Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary, as to what inspired him to scale the summit. He gave a laconic reply: Because it’s there.

So what would make you watch Tiger Zinda Hai. Because it’s here now.

Everything else is a footnote.

Inspired by true incident of 42 Indian nurses stuck in Iraq after it was attacked by ISIS, and how they were safely brought back through intense diplomatic efforts, this interpretation throws diplomacy out the window and straightaway makes it a mission of rescue by India’s RAW, more specifically by RAW agent Avinash Singh Rathod aka Tiger (Salman Khan).

There is a paper thin premise.So don’t ask what’s the story. And it could be blasphemous to ask for a story in this one-man-army action extravaganza.

The entire screenplay is as to how the nurses are rescued. Now this entails dazzling action set-pieces, splash of emotions, dash of humour, sprinkling of romance between Zoya(Katrina Kaif) and Sallu Bhai.

Yes, this is nothing new but a staple of any such Salman Khan actioner, except for an aberration -Tubelight.What is audacious is Pakistan’s  ISI and India’s RAW teams’ joining hands to rescue the nurses from a hospital where they are confined as hostage and also  to treat ISC’s (fictional version of ISIS) head Abu Usman (debutante Sajjad Deelfroz).

Rest as they say is His Story.

Tiger as a superhero, Tiger as a doting father, Tiger as a loving husband,Tiger as a sharp brain, Tiger as a tactician,Tiger as a killing machine and above all Tiger as a pucca deshbhakt(that definitely will synch with the nationalistic fervour whipped up in the country) even when living incognito.

This repetitive use of Tiger is just to underscore, how this masala mix is repetitive to the point of even providing a chance to have a little nap, as it drags to its finale riding on the gunfire, rocket launchers,fistfights and loud,nonstop, background score.

Yes it does pull you in with its scale and production values. Most of the mayhem is done on a gigantic scale.So everything else,including the ensemble cast, characters,characterisations are reduced to being a pygamy.More so because of mega large persona of Salman Khan that his fans hoot and whistle for.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar plays to the gallery and succeeds even though the logic,reasoning and believability sucks.

Rating: You ask for a rating!What rating has got to do with this?Even ticket rates don’t matter when it comes to see Tiger alive and wounded too.

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