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Piya Ka GharThis series brings alive Hindi Cinema’s timeless, simple yet soulful songs, with their value-enhancing, life-affirming interpretations.

Year 1972- Film Piya Ka Ghar- A comic family drama it explored the difficulties of life in Mumbai in 70’s. The perennial problem of adjustments in the narrow confines of one room flats that still haunts an average mumbaikar forms the backbone of this film where Malti (Jaya Bhaduri) comes from the spacious surroundings of a village to live with her husband Ram ( Anil Dhawan) in shanty-like conditons. Their attempts at consummation of marriage in this crowded atmosphere leads to some real comical moments. It’s the underlying love of the entire joint family that overcomes all the misunderstandings and bitterness, leading to a happy ending.

The homelies about life are put in such simple phrases by lyricist Anand Bakshi and driven home with honey-dipped voice of Kishore Kumar in this beautiful background number composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and filmed on Anil Dhawan and Jaya Bhaduri.

Yeh Jeevan Hai, Is Jeevan Ka
Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai Rungroop

The whole world is nothing but duality in expression. Light-darkness, day-night, joy-sorrow, profit-loss, praise-insult, pleasure-pain that’s the warp and weft of the tapestry of life. The fact is you cannot savor  the positive without the backdrop of a negative in life. If its all light with no shade, it will enervate after some time. The small pleasures are more cherished if they happen after rounds of some disappointments. Otherwise too much of sweetness shall become unpalatable.

Yeh Jeevan Hai, Is Jeevan Ka
Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai Rungroop
Thode Ghum Hain, Thodi Khushiyan
Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai Chaon Dhoop
Yeh Jeevan Hai…

Man and the mind crave for results. Generally every action is undertaken with an expectation of success. There is no harm in it. The only problem is that this expectation distracts the focus and leaks lots of energy while worrying about ‘what if’ of the outcome. To overcome this pitfall the recipe is not the inaction but dynamic action as propounded in The Bhagwad Gita. Moreover,it all boils down to accepting  people, situation, circumstances as they are and not as they should be. Just let it be and go with the flow. As a sufi couplet says : Usmein hain raazi,jismein teri raza hai (We agree to what you ordain). This also means living every moment in the present. It’s a gift as such from the existence, may be that’s why its called present.

Yeh Na Socho Isme Apni Haar Hai Ke Jeet Hai
Oose Apna Lo Jo Bhi Jeevan Ki Reet Hai
Yeh Zid Chodo, Yuh Na Todo
Har Pal Ek Darpan Hai
Yeh Jeevan Hai…

The material accoutrements and ornaments hold their value if appreciated by the beloved. Otherwise all the dressing up is incomplete and inconsequential for any woman. If you are surrounded by all the riches and worldly sensuous enjoyments but are shunned or ignored by the one whose love you crave for, all these trappings lose their charm. It’s  love that forms the foundation of any worthwhile relationships. Be it worldly or otherwise. This body, bounties galore and beauty is given by that Almighty called Bhagwan,Rab,Allah or Lord .Still their presence will make one feel a pauper if  not laced with gratitude and love for the provider.

Dhan Se Na Duniya Se, Ghar Se Na Dwar Se
Saason Ki Dor Bandhi Hai, Preetam Ke Pyar Se
Duniya Choote, Par Na Toote, Yeh Aisa Bandhan Hai
Yeh Jeevan Hai…

We are all mostly aware of these dualities that constitute life. But when it comes to living the lessons we shrink back, we dilly-dally. We come up with excuses or take a stance why its happening to me? Oh why me?.

Yeh Jeevan Hai, Is Jeevan Ka
Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai Rungroop
Thode Ghum Hain, Thodi Khushiyan
Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai – Yahi Hai Chaon Dhoop
Yeh Jeevan Hai.

The lyrics by Anand Bakshi are simple yet so full of layered implications. If only we could take things in their stride through training our minds and accept the ups and downs as Leela (a play) as propagated by Lord Krishna, or as Hukam (law) of the Invisible Nirankar as professed by the holy book of Sikhs- Shabd Guru, Guru Granth Sahib or the Will of the Lord, truly the life’s journey will be much more easier and comfortable. Afterall what is life. This duality and grateful acceptance is Life.


*It’s a remake of Marathi film Mumbaicha Javai directed by Raja Thakur.

* Problem of space and crowded living conditions are as prominent and prevalent in Mumbai as they were in an erstwhile Bombay of seventies.

*Anil Dhawan has been a gold medallist from FTII,Pune and is elder brother of director David Dhawan and now an uncle of Varun Dhawan.

*Anil Dhawan made his debut with a small budget film Chetna directed by a spotboy turned director Babu Ram Ishara ( lovingly called as Babuda).

*Chetna’s success opened the avenues for many small budget films as well as shooting on real locations instead of studios.

Piya Ka Ghar: * Anil Dhawan, Jaya Bhaduri, Paintal, Basu Chatterjee, Anand Bakshi, Laxmikant Pyarelal

Director – Basu Chatterjee

Music Director- Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyricist – Anand Bakshi

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