Songs With Substance: Kahan Tak Ye Mann Ko Andhere Chhaleingey

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In this series that brings alive simple yet soulful songs with their value-enhancing, life-affirming interpretations, we bring you an evergreen song of hope penned by Yogesh.

Year 1979 : Film Baton Baton Mein:Set against the backdrop of Christian community this sweet n sour romance had Tony Braganza (Amol Palekar) playing a middle class bank manager who gets involved with his local train co-traveller David Abraham’s neighbour Nancy Pereira (Tina Munim). This liasion is not approved by Nancy’s mother Rosy Pereira(Pearl Padamsee). In a plot twist where the romancing couple breaks off with each other this ¬†hope filled, mood-elevating ditty is sung with elegant restraint by the maverick Kishore Kumar.

Kahaan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere Chhalengey
Udaasi Bhare Din Kabhi To Dhalengey

From time immemorial, across all the faiths and cultures one strain runs common,that is, the duality of Life. Like a warp and weft of a cloth, life is made up of joys and sorrows, comforts and crisis,pleasures and pains. Nothing lasts forever, Change is one unchangeable law of nature. Everything is seasonal here. Its easy to cruise during good times. Its the low point in life, the crisis moment that tests the character. When everything around is in tailspin, its easy to get dejected and feel hopeless. But if one can keep his hope intact and patience alive, things will change and change for the better.

Kabhi Sukh Kabhi Dukh Yehi Zindagi Hai
Yeh Patjhad Ka Mausam Ghadi Do Ghadi Hai
Yeh Patjhad Ka Mausam Ghadi Do Ghadi Hai
Naye Phool Kal Phir Dagar Mein Khilengey
Udaasi BahRe Din Kabhi To Dhalengey

In a drought stricken village a huge yagna (prayer by invoking fire) was being held to appease the rain Gods. A boy of seven years brought along an umbrella. Everyone looked askance. Why an umbrella? The boy remarked because it is supposed to rain after the prayers as rain Gods are invoked. And it did rain. That’s faith in action. Faith is one such elixir that can move mountains.It is that intangible that makes things happen.No one leaves us. We all come from one single source. All these separations and parting ways are temporary.On a certain plane we have always been together.All those close to us shall meet again. Not only in this lifetime but across many births. Just keep your faith intact.

Bhaley Tez Kitna Hawa Ka Ho Jhonka
Magar Apne Man Mein Tu Rakh Yeh Bharosa
Magar Apne Man Mein Tu Rakh Yeh Bharosa
Jo Bichhde Safar Mein Tujhe Phir Milengey
Udaasi Bhare Din Kabhi To Dhalengey

One thing is for sure that people will talk whether for or against. A commodity that is freely available as air is opinions. It is interesting that in matters of recommending a treatment or suggesting a medicine this tendency is endemic. But matters of love and heart are not far behind.So whatever viewpoint anybody may hold its a fact that like fragrance from the blossoming flower, love cannot be hidden or suppressed or restrained. Regardless of the tragic love stories of Heer-Ranjha,Laila-Majnu,Romeo-Juliet it shall find its way in due course.It could be many lives many births as Dr Brian Wess would have put it.

Kahe Koi Kuch Bhi Magar Sach Yehi Hai
Lahar Pyar Ki Jo Kahin Uth Rahi Hain
Lahar Pyar Ki Jo Kahin Uth Rahi Hain
Usey Ek Din To Kinare Milengey
Udaasi Bhare Din Kabhi To Dhalengey

The faith works wonders. The hope for a better future is a virtue worth inculcating. Its the human being only who is endowed with hope. All other species are just on an auto pilot.And believe you me hope does sustain life. So embrace it whole-heartedly.It shall sound bugle for the golden dawn.

Kahaan Tak Yeh Man Ko Andhere Chhalengey
UdAasi Bhare Din Kabhi To Dhalengey


*The song was not lip-synched but used as a background song bringing alive the anguish and pain of the separated duo.

* Four of the songs of the film were a hit and have an evergreen shelf life till today.

* Yogesh wrote two songs in the film : Kahan Tak Ye Mann Ko Andhere Chhaleinge and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha. 

Film: Baton Baton Mein (1979)
Lyricists: Yogesh, Amit Khanna
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Director : Basu Chaterjee

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