Simran Film Review: Forgetful Fare

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From the promos itself, there was this idea that Simran is going to be a package of Kangana Ranaut’s acting skills.The movie turns out to be exactly that but as a wholesome movie experience it leaves you high and dry.

Praful Patel(what a name for a girl) aka Kangana Ranaut is a divorcee,working in the hospitality department of a hotel in Georgia, USA.

Her choices are dictated by her heart, impulses and carefree disposition.She is what any conservative woman from traditional Gujarati family is not supposed to be.

To get away from her criticising and taunting father,who considers her as no-good and a loser,she wants to stay in a separate flat for which she has saved down payment and applied for home loan.

Her life is a mix of job,working hard,living single on her own terms.It takes a spin when she visits with her cousin to the sin city Las Vegas.

Just to satiate her curiosity she plays Baccarat at a casino and wins big time,as they say, due to beginner’s luck,(or is it very subtly controlled by casino operators to get clients hooked).She splurges the money won on herself, having a good time and comes back again at the table.

A series of losses makes her more adamant to recover even the money she had kept aside as down payment for home.

A stubborn streak in leads her to borrow from moneylending mafia.She loses that too.Now the goons want their money back with interest.

A deadline is given. As the deadline approaches her desperation mounts.Desperate situations warrant desperate measures.

Now Praful Patel starts robbing grocery stores to get the money.She is emboldened by her hits and graduates to robbing banks.
What happens to her is rest of the mess.

It’s a mess as things spiral out of control and land in disbelief zone.The way she goes about robbing banks makes you wonder about the utter inefficiency of police in the most technologically advanced country in the world- thats the US of A.

Not only that,the parallel track of attempts by her parents for her second marriage with a Gujarati boy(Sohum Shah) is pure baloney.

The movie is bearable for Kangana’s act where she goes all guns blazing to display her histrionic skills.Still if in a movie every scene carries a protagonist’s presence, its like having Chhappan Bhog of only sweet dishes. After a point,her presence and appearance in every scene starts jarring.

None of the supporting cast has enough meat to make their roles palatable.Everyone is functional in the script where only Kangana Ranaut is the sole selling reason of the project.

Though its supposed to be inspired by a real life character Sandeep Kaur known as ‘Bombshell Blonde’,who lived her life on her own terms and had robbed couple of banks in America(to feed her addiction to gambling and enjoy life on easy money), still the inspiration does not translate into an engaging film telling a compelling story (screenplay by Apurva Asrani).

Hansal Mehta’s handling and execution belies his abilities that he so well showcased in his earlier Shahid and Aligarh.He seems confused as what to make.

Whether to tell a story or make it a showreel of Kangana’s acting skills and her public persona of a blunt,brave,brash,beautiful girl with heart of gold, who is a victim of circumstances but still survives in this bad world.

But Mr Mehta, the audience has nothing to do with your dilemma. They want their money’s worth and something to takeaway with them back home.

Sadly, there is nothing worth cherishing and do simran about after getting out of the theatre.

Amrish Puri’s exhortation to Kajol in DDLJ: ‘Ja Simran Ja, jee ley apni zindagi’ does not enthuse you a wee bit.Its symbolic use in the film that leads Praful to take an alias Simran,does not sink in with the audience.

After the climax is resolved with a scene between Kangana and her parents that has all the elements of dark humour, one wishes there was more of it throughout the run time.

By that time it’s too late even to remember what transpired earlier. You want to cherish Kangana the actress, but want to forget about Simran the movie.


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