Shubh Mangal Savadhan Film Review: Functions in Fits And Starts

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Is it an arrow hitting bang on the target, is it a successful rocket launch from ISRO launching pad, or is it Alibaba entering the cave and not one of the forty thieves?

Well it’s all of these and yet none of them, as writer very delectfully maneuvers the landmines of double entendre’ and brings out a hush hush issue of male erectile dysfunction to the fore in this off-the-beaten track rom-com ShubhMangal Savdhaan.

It’s supposed to be a recreation from Tamil film Kalyana Samayal Saadham directed by the same director R S Prasanna.

I have not seen the original so I am in no position to compare the results.As a stand -alone product it does have moments of freshness.

Sugandha akka Sugu(Bhumi Pednekar)says yes to an online proposal from her suitor Mudit (Ayushmann Khurrana) and goes into an arranged-love-arranged scenario of engagement, that is so typical and prevalent in North India. During their courtship, she comes to realise that her hero Mudit, after all, is not the macho image of Sunny Deol and has a problem where he can’t stand up to the occasion,literally and figuratively.

Whether their marriage finally takes place or not is dealt in rest of the story!.

A marriage setup with ensemble cast of extended family has been hashed so many times,especially in North Indian milieu,that it does not have much scope for innovation.The quirky relatives,the dysfunctional relationships pulling forward the family rail, are here too.

What amuses you are some remarkable one-liners and colloquial dialogues so typical of Delhi and UP. Brushing aside few wrinkles in the lingo,the conversations and quips are endearing.

The relationship between mother-daughter, Seema Pahwa-Bhumi Pednekar has its moments. Like in the scene that has been part of the promos too, where mother is trying to give sex education to her daughter without uttering a word ‘sex’.

Still it’s not a laugh riot till the end.The screenplay dips post interval and meanders along without any real progression to the story. Some of the incidents are simply unbelievable and jarring. It’s sense of deja vu to see towns and cities having these middle class families who are clinging to tradition yet trying their best to be modern by negotiating the net and smartphones.

Bhumi Pednekar walks through her role with ease. Ayushmann Khurrana too showcases his acting skills. Seema Pahwa excels as a caring and progressive mother.

Rest of the ensemble cast does a commendable job too.

Director Prasanna is effective to an extent in extracting good performances,and bringing out the nuances of middle class Delhiites.

It’s because of some wonderful writing by Hitesh Kewalya, the film is more ear-friendly.

Still by daring to take up the subject so stressful for male ego,it deserves applause though not a standing ovation.Give it a shot.


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