Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Film Review: Interesting Invite

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You know when government job with its perks,power,prestige and scope for extra pelf is the priority rather than following your dreams, when parental diktat about your life’s major decisions overrides your choices,when gender discrimination is a given in the family,when girl’s marriage is a dowry deal,when feudalism runs deep and unobstructed, and yet inspite of all this you dare to love,lose and dare to go after your ambition, to achieve your aim, you know it’s a setup of some B Town in the emerging,digital India.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana is one such love story of Satyendra Mishra (Rajkummar Rao) -a govt clerk,and an IAS aspirant Aarti Shukla(Kriti Kharbanda) who are hitched to an arranged marriage set up but then get hooked on to each other with mutual attraction.

Nothing new in this so far,except for some fresh moments between the courting couple.

The twist comes when on wedding day, the bride Aarti runs away, leaving behind pained,heartbroken families on both sides.

The worst sufferer is Satyendra who not only is shattered by this betrayal but vows revenge.Time lapses and Aarti Shukla is now a PCS officer (a govt gazetted officer post).

Things seemed to be taking a definitive,interesting course when Satyendra re enters Aarti’s life as her boss,as an IAS officer.

From here on the screenplay has some really interesting,dramatic moments that lead to showdown,confrontation between the estranged couple.

You know that the protagonists are going to eventually unite, but how,is the rest of the premise,providing some real paisa vasool moments.

But this predictability and confused scenario’s meandering pace takes away from the meat of the film.The contradictory rationale of why Aarti took the decision of running away,and now why she is feeling apologetic about it is jarring. Plus there are other contradictions in the screenplay and characterisation of Aarti, her father Govind Namdeo,parents of Satyendra that don’t jell.

Had it been a rom-com many things could have been overlooked and forgiven,but mixing it up with high drama,then diluting it with shallow mannerisms makes the whole package just about above average.

Rajkummar Rao is so bankable that you know he will deliver regardless. No less is Kriti Kharbanda with her easy and natural demeanour.

Rest of the ensemble cast acquits itself well. In fact because of overall good performances,you get the patience to sit through it, especially post interval.

Ratnaa Sinha makes her directorial debut where she is able to extract desired performances from her cast,but has a weak hold on the screenplay.

Movies woven around marriages are full of tropes and clichés.This too is not immune from such stereotypes.Still the invite to attend the marriage holds promise just for some real dramatic stuff post interval and for the endearing lead couple.Yes, you can accept this invite,at your own risk.


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