Sarkar 3 Film Review : Fails To Deliver

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Real power comes not out of fear but out of respect. Sarkar aka Subhash Nagre aka Amitabh Bachchan gets his power over the politicians,ruling elite and government not only due to what he feels right and then delivers justice, but through his hold over the masses. He has created a space in their mind and struck a chord in their hearts.But singed his adversaries and enemies.

In yet another outing of Sarkar franchise,in Sarkar 3 we are reminded of this, as the story unfolds about the machinations and conspiracies of Sarkar’s enemies who want to dethrone the Kingmaker from his pedestal. In the forefront is Deshpande (Manoj Bajpayee), a young rising opposition leader who derides Sarkar publicly and vows to end his reign.

Enters his grandson Shivaji (Amit Sadh), son of Vishnu (K K Menon) who declares his resolve to be with his grandfather come what may. Sarkar has lost both his sons, Vishnu and Shankar aka Abhishek Bachchan. Shivaji’s entry into his life after all the misunderstandings is a silver lining.

It turns out Shivaji has his own agenda. He wants to usurp Sarkar’s mantle. Then there is Gokul (Ronit Roy),Man Friday of Sarkar who is suspicious of Shivaji’s intentions.Shivaji thinks Gokul wants to take over Sarkar’s legacy. Then there is builder mafia that eyes a big redevelopment project in Dharavi and seeks Sarkar’s favor of displacing the residents. If Sarkar refuses he is to be eliminated, that’s the order of Sir aka Jackie Shroff!As if this was not enough there is this Don who wants to eliminate Sarkar to have an unhindered reign over Mumbai’s underworld.

In this scenario of power games, betrayal, intrigue and greed, the screenplay takes you on a two hours of excruciating detour, that makes you pull up yourself for buying the ticket and venturing into the auditorium.Everything has déjà vu written all over. Even on the grim, somber expressions and cold stares.

Ram Gopal Verma is passing on the elementary lessons of Gangster movies from the bible of it all Godfather, whereas the audience has moved on to graduate level in this digital era.

Then there are one liners by Ram Kumar Singh that are neither here nor there. Sample this one: Jackie Shroff telling his own Mona Darling who is mostly in two piece bikni, that: Ladoos ki problem ye hai ki wo meethe bahut hote hain , as the camera hovers over her cleavage.

We are enlightened with observations such as grandson Shivaji telling his girlfriend Annu aka Yamini Gautam, who has her own agenda ,that: problem ye hai ki hamare ghar mein har koi ek duje pe shaq karta hai. Then enemy group leader remarking :Subhash Nagre ke ghar power game shuru ho chuki hai. How fresh and organic!

Towards the end Sarkar quips while slurping over his tea from a saucer : Before dealing with politics outside, its important to know and handle the politics within the family. Purane zamane mein isey Palace politics kehte thhe.

For this much of gyan from Sarkar,surviving six attacks on his life, overcoming all the obstacles and enemies (he has to as he is the protagonist after all), you are taken for a solid ride. You feel as if you are a big sucker as the mind games  being played are known to the collaborators while you are sent hunting for red herrings.

Amitabh Bachchan with his gruf voice and grimmer expression is unable to tower over the material that he is given to imbibe and live. Manoj Bajpayee tries to infuse some fun in his portrayal of a wannabe CM aspirant. Jackie Shroff is not even funny. Ronit Roy is efficient. Amit Sadh is no Al Pacino by any yardstick. Yamini Gautam is just a foil.

What stands out is a bulldog mascot that is used often to frame Sarkar as he broods, stares, orders and gestures sitting on his sofa.

Rest is all bull.

It seems RGV wanted to make a point, tell he is still around and not a spent force, so he got hold of an assembly line screenplay, assembled an ensemble cast and went ahead casting a pall of gloom on the eager, vulnerable, expectant audience. Moral of the story. Even Sarkar aka Big B cannot save a project that is built on weak foundations.


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