Rock ON 2 Film Review: Rocky Definitely Not Rocking

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The problem with sequels is how to take it to the next level. Rock On 2 is unable to go a notch above.

Magik band is unable to create a magic spell that they wove eight years ago. That was first of its kind stories in Indian context where four friends Adi (Farhan Akhtar),Joe (Arjun Rampal),Kedar aka KD (Purab Kohli) and Rob (Luke Kenny) chase their dream of forming a band and make it big in the rock music arena. They had their vulnerabilities, fears, insecurities, hangups and back stories that were a stumbling block as well as a motivation to be together. Bonding of Brothers was an underlying note. Music was exhilarating. Lyrics were fresh. Performances commendable. All these factors gave you a high because there was a story worth telling.It worked.

Eight years down the line, the three remaining band members have moved on carrying again with them their own insecurities, ambitions and demons. Adi is now far away from seashores of Mumbai in the lap of clouds literally. He is in Meghalaya. Staying away from his wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai) and their son,he is running a farmer’s cooperative and a school in a remote village. Music is far from his mind as he is haunted by a guilt.What’s that forms basically the crux of this whole saga of discordant notes.It does not work.

Joe has matured as a person and as a professional. He is now a reality show judge plus running his own club where he gives chance to new voices and bands.

KD is still single and has kept his boyish instincts intact. He is into music and wants his other two friends to come together once again and create Magik ,literally. How their coming together unfolds, narrated from KDs pov, forms rest of the story, leading to a concert in Shillong (supposed to be the rock capital of the world), held obviously for a cause of the suffering farmers!So much for freshness.

On the way they meet up with Jia (Shraddha Kapoor) who is the daughter of a renowned classical singer Shastriji( Kumud Mishra). Her track in the film makes you wonder at the fuitility or utility of it per se. I think a female angle was incorporated just to pep up the narration. Unfortunately the narrative is too placid and predictable.

The screenplay(Pubali Chaudhuri) is a mish-mash that is short on characters’ detailing. Many characters are given a short shrift- like Prachi Desai, Debbi aka Shahana Goswami (playing Joe’s wife), Kumud Mishra. It has its moments but they are few. And definitely far,like distance between Mumbai and Meghalaya. One wonders why Adi shifted to Meghalaya of all the places! The narrative could be equally pedestrian had it been set up in Timbucktoo.

To be fair enough, performances from Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli are sincere and substantive. Thank Heavens, they are behaving their age! Even Shraddha Kapoor delivers whatever her role has demanded. But no one amongst them is able to go beyond and break new ground. Rather a small role by a newcomer Rahul Sharma (as Rahul Sharma) as an aspiring singer leaves a mark. So does a young band member Uday (Shashank Kumar) who fills in the vaccum left by Rob (Luke Kenny). Then there is this reality TV participant Manjot (Dinesh Kumar) who provides few chuckles and gravitas to the whole scenario.

Debutante Director Shujaat Saudaagar, invests the proceedings with enough energy and crafts a technically fine film. But it lacks the soul,silence and substance. Even though the climax with Woodstockian Concert, with many bands performing for charity, is not able to move you to ecstasy.

Usha Uthup though, as one of the lead singers of a performing band tries her best to pump up the jam. But in vain. The reason is definitely the lack of drama, stereotyped situations in a screenplay. Another factor is the absence of really exhilarating music that was a high point of the original, and is always the demand of such a musical. Ehsaan-Shankar-Loy has done a good job but that’s not enough.

Meghalayan landscape is an eye-candy but does not add a wee bit to the progression and prodding of emotions. Infact your emotions are neither shaken nor stirred. And that’s where Rock ON 2 fails to serve you a heady mix on the rocks. It rather stumbles on a rocky ground. Barring few moments, nothing sways you and pulls at your heartsrtings. To spend your precious two hours just for those few moments, in these times of cash crunch is not a wise option. Moreover, I won’t like to rock your boat.


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