Qarib Qarib Singlle Film Review: Two To Tangle

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Watching a love story between an incompatible middle aged couple can be an interesting ride provided it steers away from the clich├ęs,stereotypes and of course tropes,associated with such stories.

Qarib Qarib Singlle has a workaholic,lonely widow Jaya (Parvathy) being goaded by her friend and a colleague to get out of her past, before she becomes virgin again,literally and figuratively.

From a dating site Jaya comes in contact with a freewheeling poet Yogi (Irrfan Khan).

They meet up.Its clash of personalities from the word go.A low-in-self esteem, subdued kinda Jaya feels put off by magnanimous,living-from-heart,blabbering Yogi, but unwillingly gets sucked into his world.

He offers her a deal of knowing each other more by going on a road trip, that will also enable her to meet not one,not two but three of his ex girl-friends.

This is where the convenience and ridiculousness of the screenplay starts creeping in.

By the time road trip ends after going through Rishikesh,Jaipur and Gangtok you have some interesting,mostly insipid incidents to make you watch the obvious incompatibility dissolving into tenderness and ensuing warmth and intimacy for each other.

I wondered if this story had not been steered by Irrfan Khan would it have made you endure its pedestrian, predictable pace and presentation.

Its because of energetic, effervescent Irrfan Khan that you endure the journey. Debuting Parvathy is good too,except for her skewed characterisation that makes her go over-the-top in a sequence where she enacts more as an inebriated woman than someone who has swallowed handful of sleeping pills!.

Tanuja Chandra along with Gazal Dhaliwal have conjured up a screenplay that is as smooth as a river-rafting experience shown in one of the film’s sequences.

Tanuja Chandra as a director has not gone for any new frontiers but tries to be different in the conventional framework.Though editing tries to salvage the situation.

Qarib Qarib Singlle with its languorous,predictable,stretched climax instead of giving an exhilarating experience of two lonely,living-in-the-past souls jettisoning their excess baggage, accepting and embracing each other in the present,makes you feel stupefied as if being given the sleeping pills yourself.

It had tremendous potential. Simple,sweet tale gone bland due to half baked characterisatons,unexplained,blank back-stories, and convenient ploys to ride the rumblers.

Its a telling example of being so near yet so far.


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