Poster Boys Film Review: Deserves a Dekko

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Its said that when you least expect,yoyou get, as this unexpected scenario can happen only in India. Somewhere in the heartlands of northern India this somewhat Dick’ensian’ drama unfolds.

It’s that kind of place where your character hinges upon your machismo, where every Tom,Dick and Harry is measured on the yardstick of masculinity. Three unrelated men- a retired army soldier Jagaavar Chaudhry (Sunny Deol),a forgetful, simpleton school teacher Vinay Sharma(Bobby Deol) and a recovery agent with a heart of gold Arjun Singh (Shreyas Tak pade) find one fine day their world turned upside down.

They chance upon their photos plastered all around on Government Posters promoting Vasectomy. The posters scream in no uncertain terms : ‘Humne to Nasbandi karwa li. Aap kab karvoage’!.

They have no idea how their faces are on the posters as everyone starts doubting and taunting their masculinity.The collateral damage due to these posters leads to cancellation of Jagaavar’s sister’s marriage, Arjun being rejected by his girlfriend’s parents, and Vinay left by his wife.

These three innocent men trace the error to a mix-up at the Family Planning Department. So to win their dignity back, they strive and fight against the government machinery that is trying it’s best to cover it’s tracks for the major goof up.

Whether these men are able to regain their reputations,salvage their personal and family lives and in the process, somewhat change the mindsets seeped in patriarchy, forms the rest of this hilarious take.

It’s a laugh riot from start till finish.Incidents and mishaps combined with super performances make up for what one may feel at times -a kind of lack of energy after an operation of Nasbandi types.

Screenplay has twists galore, few digs at Bollywood, and dialogues are to die for.Full marks to screenplay-dialogue writers Bunty Rathore and Paritosh Painter.

This is remake of Shreyas Talpade’s Marathi movie that is supposed to have done pretty well too.

As a debuting director in Hindi films,Shreyas Talpade posts a neat goal by crafting a high octane entertainer with its heart at the right place.

By the time things cool down and are resolved after almost The Full Monty moment,you get a Dumber’s primer on why of population control,value of a girl child and how masculinity has nothing to do with Vasectomy but treating with dignity and protecting otherwise the women in your life.

Of the three musketeers, Sunny Deol shines bright with his understated comic timing and brazen brawny moments.He has anger control issues that can result in volcanic eruptions of Gaddar kind. At the same time his selfie addiction with insistence on a compulsory pout makes him so vulnerable and endearing.

Bobby Deol after a hiatus, appears on screen with an affable performance. Shreyas Talpade excels with ease in his character. Ringtone that he has on his mobile phone announcing his girl friend’s call is a hoot.

The female leads work as perfect foils to the leading men. You are in for a roller coaster ride here.

Barring some crazy and unbelievable moments Poster Boys deserves to be right up there on the walls for viewing. An unexpected, refreshing cup of tea for every Tom,Harry and of course Dick.


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