Ramaiya Vastavaiya:Old Moulded Into New Need Not Be Gold

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What you call when things, events, happenings, characters jog your brain synapses and remind you of the time in your life, a phase lived and cherished, may be long ago—a trip down the memory lane?

RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA does that to your senses. Its about first time love, its about commitment, its about bonding in relationships, its about class conflict, its about sacrifice, its about winning your beloved’s heart by paying any price whatsoever, its about creating your space in the mind of beloved’s family, its about rebelling against your parents and their values, its about scheming vamps and homegrown villains.

Its about bringing back Bollywood mainstream hit commercial movies  Maine Pyaar Kiya, DDLJ, KABHI KABHI’s sensibilities  and sprucing them up with south indian flourish ! Its about Sooraj Barjatiya, Yash Chopra being reinterpreted by Parbhudheva!

The illusion is complete when you find hit heroes and heroines of seventies essaying the roles of fathers,mothers and guardians of the young lead pair . Vinod Khanna, Poonam Dhillon, Randhir Kapoor are there to lend weightage to the ongoing melodrama.But seening them shorn of their earlier glory feels somewhat sad as they come across as mere caricatures without any soul to their characters.

The movie introduces Girish Kumar who tries to combine the zing of Shammi Kapoor and intensity and earnestness of Shahrukh Khan.Honestly, his efforts don’t jar and he comes across an endearing sort of a guy. Shruti Haasan as his love interest exudes the freshness and manages to express innocence . She is pleasing to the eyes. Sonu Sood as Shruti Haasan’s brother seems authentic! Nassar who carried himself with dignity as a RAW Chief in another movie released this Friday D-Day, hams his way through in this masala mix from eighties!

The formula  here is intact with everything so predictable that all the twists are in place to the tee.One knows that the boy will get the girl eventually by overcoming all the obstacles. It’s  just that some scenes have freshness and zing. The pace of the movie is brisk and that’s its saving grace to an extent.

Any love story to be a commanding success ought to have a fabulous music score and this is where the movie scores just about average.

The title of the movie is from a famous song from a Raj Kapoor film. “Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Maine Dil Tujhko Diya”. But  you come out of the auditorium keeping your heart  intact with yourself! This trip down the memory lane does not make you relive your time rather its just a  time pass.

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