Noor Film Review: Such a Test Of Time

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“The trouble is that you think you have time”. Its not me trying to give gyan. Its Budhha. This gem of wisdom is being quoted in a voice over by the protoganist Noor Roy Chaudhry aka Sonakshi Sinha, who is plodding through her banal,stagnant life as a junior reporter with a broadcast News agency. She wants to do something meaningful bringing out the numerous shades of 2.25 crore Mumbaiites, but has to go and do stories that get TRPs- interviewing Sunny Leone for one.

While mulling her dry personal life over numerous pegs of tequila, whiskey, rum, beer-depending upon her moods while partying with her two childhood buddies Saad Sehgal (Kanan Gill) and Zaara (Shibani Dandekar), we see her day to day activities unfold. Its repetition makes you wonder  whether Noor’s story is Bridget Jones Diary or one of the bindaas babes from Sex and The City.

By the time you figure out that it is leading nowhere almost one hour has gone by. And then something happens that actually was the premise. She lands a scoop of Kidney harvesting racket. She thinks she has arrived. But no, the twist happens and the interval arrives.

Post interval we are taken through Noor’s journey of getting over the twist in the tale, as she literally goes from Mumbai to London with  her childhood friend Saad, to get over her sulk and guilt. So what exactly is happening?. Am I there to watch a piece of thrilling criminal investigation, or a romantic fable where Noor’s search for Mr Right Ayan Banerjee (Purab Kohli) lands her in a personal and professional mess?

The problem with NOOR is that apart from harping too much on Noor’s single status and need for a man in her life (she is shown to be 28 years), it is trying to say many things about the state of broadcast journalism in our country by being self deprecatory and calling journsalists as jokers, then trying to balance it with self-righteousness as journalists being human bengs with conscience and not vultures preying upon stories for TRPs.

Infact it’s a pendulum that swings to its extremes and within that swing you  have this deja vu that  every News Channel is trying to outshout the other by saying “ We are the best, We are you can trust, We are the only one whom you watch must”, blah, blah, blah. In this cacophony to stand out, you need to be an Outlier. Noor finds her calling in a hasttag #Mumbai, You’re Killing Me.

Sourced and based on Saba Kazmi’s book ‘Karachi,You’re Killing Me’, Noor then goes on to show how the thriving, palpable Mumbai is killing the spirit of its residents with its apathy, decadence, corruption, deterioration of moral values.Just how Karachi’s template as a cosmopolitan city with sea-coast and being  commercial capital of Pakistan,fits Mumbai is a matter of debate and discussion.

The whole climax is a hurried, sketchy wrap up of the plot and the expose’ of a sinister kidney racket! Noor gets her closure, but you are left with a gaping hole in your pocket and with a sense of being taken for a ride.

Director Sunhil Sippy takes you on a ride that lands you in No Mans Land. Saving grace is Sonakshi’s competent performance. Kanan Gill and Purab Kohli providing a fine support. One thing that shines through is the conversational flavor of its dialogues. You connect and relate to them. Otherwise it does not connect at any level.

I think the makers forgot to imbibe what Buddha said that the trouble is that you think you have time. Noor is such a test of your Time infact.


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