Munna Michael Film Review: Rest In Pieces Michael

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The wannabe dancer Dolly aka debutante Niddhi Agarwel from small town Meerut wants to prove to her father that yes,there is no need to be a doctor or an engineer, winning a dance reality show is a creditworthy aspiration in itself.Fair enough.

Then there is an abandoned child,baptised as Munna (by his adoptive single parent,and an out- of-work dancer Michael aka Ronit Roy), who is born to dance.Fair enough.

Enters a land shark Mahender Fauji aka Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is smitten with Dolly and wants to learn dancing just to impress her and make her accept his crazy love. Fair enough.

What is unfair to the audience intelligence is how these three go about realising their dreams and ambitions,with not even an iota of logic,sense and sensibilities.

Tiger Shroff is not only a super dancer but a fantastic fighter.Now where did he learn to break bones. It’s unfair.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is already married and now wants to own Niddhi Agarwel. Unfair.

Niddhi Agarwel wants to prove herself as a dancer but makes two brothers-in-arms Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Suddiqui take up arms against each other, to win her over. Unfair?

No,because everything is fair in love and if it’s kinda forbidden one,then more so.

Everything is fair when protagonist is Tiger Shroff and movie has to incorporate a story around his dancing and fighting skills.

Munna Michael is supposed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson and his legacy. Believe you me by the time mayhem, motions defying gravity and matters of heart are sorted out, you sympathise with the departed soul of Michael Jackson.

It’s shrill.Its over-the-top,Its brainless.It defies laws of physics and even chemistry. The lead pair has zero chemistry,though individually both show their prowess in dancing. Fans of Tiger Shroff will no doubt love his dancing virtuosity. Small mercies.Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives his best to be in elements in an elemental role.

Sabbir Khan’s third outing with Tiger Shroff has nothing new to offer,except for those three judges of the Dance India reality show,where perennial judge Farah Khan tries her best to be in synch with the narrative tone and goes overboard while appreciating the solo gigs of Tiger Shroff. Unfair indeed.

In a dance musical,songs and music are the backbone. A battery of six composers is not able to belt out chart-topping,foot-tapping numbers. Unfair indeed.

By the time its curtains you come out relieved that finally it’s over.Who says Life is fair anyway?.


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