Mubarakan Film Review: Mistaken Identities Mess Up

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Weddings are an occasion for getting together,nostalgia,celebrations and living in present. It’s time of contradictions encapsulated in a limited time frame. If to this is added the confusion,chaos and confrontations it becomes hot. To this now add a dose of mistaken identities and the whole thing becomes a tinderbox.

Mubarakan by Anees Barmer (this time he has not written the film) is a setup of big fat Indian wedding, rather weddings where twins Karan and Charan (Arjun Kapoor) are dutifully agreeing to get married to the girls being selected by their doting guardians Ratna Pathak Shah and Pawan Malhotra respectively.Karan is an extrovert, savvy and smart. Charan is an introvert,innocent and subdued.Both are not able to tell their parents about the girls in their life Sweety(Ileana D’cruz) and Nafisa(Neha Sharma).

Now both brothers take help of their thinking-on-his-feet uncle Kartar Singh aka Anil Kapoor to convince their guardians about the choices.The eternal bachelor,trouble shooting uncle goes about creating such a scenario whereby first Charan can marry his girlfriend Nafisa rather than the arranged match Binkle (Athiya Shetty).

Things take a twist when Charan meets in London Binkle and falls in love with her at first sight.Now he wants to get out of his relationship with Nafisa. Confusion compounded.

The guardian parents Pawan Malhotra on one hand, and Ratna Pathak Shah on another go through communication glitches where they assume they are talking about their respective wards’ marriages but in fact they are not.This portion is one of the wittiest in the whole movie.

Then the egos clash and one-upmanship game ensues to show off whose wards’ marriage is going to be the best.Chaos enters.

To clear up all this mayhem is Kartar Singh aka Anil Kapoor,who infact has been a trigger of it all. Infact he is the one who holds the whole movie together that starts to sag,stretch,and become repetitive post interval.

It requires patience to behold one Arjun Kapoor.Its test of your nerves to bear with his twin avtar.Ileana D’cruz in her brash and bimbette persona is good.Athiya Shetty has nothing much to offer except her monochrome expression in a cardboard characterisation.Neha Sharma’s role held potential that’s not mined to the hilt.

It’s Pawan Malhotra as complexed,committed father with fiery temper who outshines all in giving a nuanced performance.

Anees Bazmee loves to weave his stories around weddings,especially Punjabi ones.This caper is set on a lavish scale,shifting between Chandigarh and London at whim causes fatigue what with its forced gags,some racist one-liners and predictable outcome.

Music is nothing much to sing praises.Like the much rehashed Hawa Hawa,the marriage scenario too loses its bite over a time.

By the time the soapy,melodramatic climax ends you come out feeling ok.Not dry but neither on the high also.Not any wiser but neither all dumb too.For this you feel like congratulating the makers.Small mercies.Mubarakan.


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