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in these rain starved days, one so much craves for jhamajham baarish.

Instead you are being showered by inanities like Double The Celebrations, Triple The Confusion, Craziest family in town,blah blah, blah.

Its greeting time for Anees Bazmi’s yet another mindless, meaningless extravaganza.

You may be tempted to say so what?. At least entertainment full blast is assured.

I wish it is true.

Because if the trailer has this as best to offer then I have my doubts whether it could match No Entry, Welcome 1, or even Sing Is King in its absurd and whacky humour.

The setup is as old as Adam and Eve tying a knot. Its planning and preparation for lavish,outlandish marriage of big fat NRIs in La La Land of London.

Twins Charan and Karan (Arjun Kapoor in double role) to be married off to IlenaD’Cruz and Athiya Shetty. Now who loves whom, and who wants to marry whom is the basic premise. Contrived confusion with Deja vu it is.

There is Anil Kapoor as Kartar uncle who is basically there to sort out the confusion but more for buffoonery and dumb one liners.

Rest of the ensemble cast is to fill in the blanks left by the vacuous shenanigans of Arjun Kapoor 1 and Arjun Kapoor 2.

Seems writer-Director Anees Bazmi has cobbled together this project from the leftovers of his previous films.

Even characterisations smack of repetitiveness and stereotyping. Sardars are shown in their jolly-good-fella spirit having challenging times with the matters of mind.

Ok, I don’t mind this rehash,if it can provide wholesome entertainment without stretching your neurons to a breaking point.

It seems a tough task.

Arjun Kapoor was barely bearable in Ki & Ka. Unbearable in Half Girlfriend. Nowhe is being offered as one on one free. You better think twice to go in for this offer.

As of now I can’t say Mubarakan to this template of a trailer.

Mubarakan Trailer:


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