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It is estimated that there were around 25 percent less footfalls in theatres compared to year 2016, Hindi film industry saw some light through the roar of a Tiger.

I am not talking of Tiger Zinda Hai‘s of Bollywood.

I am not including Bahubali 2 in my list, though it would have been on top because of its scale,grandeur,fantasy with flair,and sheer entertainment. Just because it was not truly a hindi venture strictly speaking.

So I am sharing with you ten hindi movies released in 2017,regardless of their genre,budget or box office fate, that moved me for one reason or the other.

Here it goes, not in any specific order of ascendancy or descendancy:

The Ghazi Attack :  Sankalp Reddy gave us a peek into the precursor to 1971 Indo-Pak war where Indian Navy was able to torpedo into watery grave Pakistan’s Submarine Ghazi with an authentic ambience,dollops of patriotic fervour and bravura performances.

: First time director Aparnaa Singh brought out the ravages of water pollution leading to cancer across the belt of land in Punjab,by the discharge of a toxic chemical waste in the ground water via reverse boring process.

A train named as Cancer Express ,that runs between Bhatinda and Bikaner carrying full load of cancer patients and various occupations that have sprung around this cancer epidemic, are an eye opener jolting you out of your stupor.

Trapped: Vikramadiya Motwane applies Castaway template to an unoccupied high-rise,that symbolises a kind of an island in another wise ocean of bustling cosmopolis of Mumbai.Though repetitive and filled with every trope, every possible thing going wrong, it does leave an eerie feeling of What if?.What if one is really bolted in a vacant flat of an unoccupied high-rise.Raj Kummar Rao underscores the scare with his grim performance.

Poorna:Courage Has No Limit: Rahul Bose directs after a hiatus, a true life story of 13 year old Poorna,who became the youngest female mountaineer scaling the indomitable Mount Everest.

Her poor background, natural athleticism,and unswerving commitment inspite of heavy odds, makes you feel inspired.

Mukti Bhavan ( The Salvation Hotel): Benares is no stranger to the viewers. Masaan spotLighted the 24×7 burning of corpses at Manikarnika Ghat for attaining salvation. Mukti Bhavan focuses on another not much known aspect of old people coming to Benares and staying in rented rooms awaiting death. It could be a long long wait too.

The issues of life,death,rebirth,living in the present, past guilts and remorses,all are discussed giving food for soul, as debut director Shubhashish Bhutani unspools the narrative through the conflict and resolution of a relationship between father (who wants to die in Benares and attain mukti) and his obedient, suppressed son.

Hindi Medium: Now this is one film that strikes a chord because of its freshness and originality of screenplay.Education as business, complexes of studying in a swanky convent school vs getting moulded in a decrepit government school, the snobbishness and me-too phenomenon is highlighted in this eye-opener of rank commercialisation of school education starting from nursery itself.

Saket Chaudhry serves it with dollops of humour and satire.Irrfan Khan is in his elements. Performances all around,as such enhance the experience.

Dear Maya : This came and went in a jiffy. But left behind a sweet whiff of an emotional transformation through the character of Maya played so effectively by Manisha Koirala. Sunaina Bhatnagar, in the process also fleshed out a bubbly coming-of-age story of two school girls who discover themselves while being instrumental in bringing sunshine to a middle aged,maiden Maya.A wee bit melodramatic towards the end but engaging due to all round commendable performances, and bringing my favorite hill station Simla alive in its picteresque,vintage ambience.

Bareilly Ki Barfi: of late UP and Bihar milieu has been portrayed to the point of ennui, in a string of movies. This is set in Bareilly and acknowledged officially as an  adaptation  from a French novel Ingredients Of Love (2010).

Though premise reminds you of Saajan(1991),it is for drawing room film buffs to mull whether french novel’s premise is taken from Saajan. Just kidding. Fact of the matter is Ashwini Iyer Tiwari brings alive the atmosphere of small town aspirational Bareilly and performances by Ayushmann Khurana, Kriti Sanon  and Raj Kummar Rao nailing the idiosyncrasies of a triangluar love story with panache.An entertainer all the way.

Newton: Regardless of the debate whether this was the right choice for India’s entry to Oscars in Best Foreign Film category, and an untenable accusation of being a copy of Iranian film Secret Ballot, Amit Masurkar gives a bioscopic insight into the issue of citizen’s right to vote and how the electoral process works itself out in some of the remote regions of our country.

Raj Kummar Rao again lives his character of a no-nonsense, duty bound, somewhat self-righteous officer of the election commission. Pankaj Tripathi as a commandant in-charge of the security in Maoist infested area stands tall in his own right.

Poster Boys: Now this may sound weird but of all the comic capers released this year, I enjoyed Poster Boys the most. Surprise was Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol delivering amusing comic performances, in company of versatile actor-cum-debut director Shreyas Talpade.

Though it was a remake of a Marathi movie it did not lose in translation or humorous treatment, its message of population control through sterilisation, or the comic tenor.

In essence, 2017 belonged to small,medium budget movies,high on fresh, meaningful content, making it big at the BO.

Happy and happening viewing for year 2018.

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