MOM Film Review: Ma Ma Matchless

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You had a feeling after watching the trailers that what to expect from MOM.

As such daughter-mother relationship is a complicated one. And if daughter is a growing teen with a step mother,it is a very tenuous bond indeed.

Arya Sabharwal (Sajal Ali) is not able to forget her now deceased biological mother and gives a cold shoulder to her step mom Devika (Sridevi Kapoor), whom she calls Ma’m as Devika is her biology teacher too in the school.Arya is close to her Dad Anand(Adnan Siddiqui) who wants her to respect Devika.

But Devika understands Arya’s reservations. She has no grouse against her step daughter. She equally shares her love,care,concern with Arya as her own younger daughter Priya.

The family of four, in the upper middle class milieu of Delhi is having a reasonably good time.

Then the disaster strikes. Arya is gangraped after coming home from a party. It devastes the family. Fast Court trial does happen. But the four culprits go scot-free due to lack of circumstantial evidence. Its like PINK slip has been handed down.

This travesty of justice shatters Devika. She has no hope from law.

Crime Branch Inspector Mathew Francis ( Akshaye Khanna) knows how justice has been derailed and pursues the case nonetheless. But Devika takes it on herself to deliver vigilante justice to her daughter’s rapists.

Nothing new under the sun.Except for one thing. She takes the help of a Private Detective DK( Nawazuddin Siddiqui) to track the culprits.

The moment she takes law in her own hands, screenplay enters the territory of disbelief like it was in Hrithik’s KAABIL.Her outsmarting the law enforcement lacks chutzpah of Ajay Devgn in DRISHYAM.

Rest of the story is how she takes revenge. Its been- there-seen- that scenario.Recent one being Raveena Tandon’s MAATR.

Still the drama holds because of inherent conflict of daughter-mother relationship, some stellar performances, crisp editing, excellent background score and somewhat mature handling.

Debut director Ravi Udyawar’s narrative is efficient emotional and somewhat entertaining too.

Its the screenplay in second half that slackens,drags and is full of convenient tools that take away from the thrill.

Sridevi Kapoor is in top form.She is everywhere. Since God cannot be everywhere,that’s why He created Mothers. With this raison’detre her role is highlighted so much that others are given a short shrift. Still Akshaye Khanna,Sajal Ali,Abhimanyu Singh(playing one of the molesters with a killer instinct) give commendable performances.

But its Nawazuddin Siddiqui who steals the limelight with his desi private detective act.

From Ma’m to Mom, is the journey of Arya’s story. You too can take a short trip to partake of this reasonably palatable offering.


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