Golden Jubilee Club- Mohabbatein: Much Ado About Love

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Mohabbatein posterMohabbatein(2000) was Aditya Chopra’s second movie after his mega-successful DDLJ. It dealt with forbidden love, the shackling traditions, the rough and tumble of love . It had three in fact, four set of love stories with pivotal roles played by Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.The movie had the unique distinction of introducing six newcomers, infact five if you exclude the child-artist Jugal Hansraj of Masoom fame. So Jugal Hansraj grows out of his innocence into a cute teenager Sameer, Yash Chopra’s younger son Uday Chopra as Vicky Oberoi and a rank newcomer Jimmy Shergill as Karan.

These threesome study in an all boys Gurukul or Gurukool that is being run by Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachchan)- a stern disciplinarian headmaster who rules the school with an iron fist. All three are struck by  cupid and fall in love with Sanjana ( Kim Sharma), Ishika (Shamita Shetty—Shilpa Shetty’s younger sister) and Kiran (Preeti Jhangiani) who have their own backstories.These guys have usual obstacles of class differences, jerk of boyfriends, family obligations, restricting traditions. But the catch is that the headmaster Amitabh Bachchan does not like anything concerning love. It’s a forbidden subject.In his opinion love is nothing but an invitation to pain.So anything romantic is a big no no within the walls of Gurukul. That creates more temptation.

Now enters Raj Aryan (Shahrukh Khan) as a music teacher for the Gurukul.Raj has his own backstory.He had been head over heels in love with Megha (Aishwarya Rai) who was incidentally the daughter of the headmaster Narayan Shankar, who frowned upon the love between Megha and Raj. He separated them. Megha was heartbroken and eventually died. Her death is a motivation for the entire film. Raj  believes in love and the power of love. So in the garb of a music teacher Raj aka Shahrukh plays the proverbial pied piper and exhorts his wards to go all out for their love inspite of all the roadblocks.

His tactics may be excused as everything is fair in love, but they also make you think if such teachers are in the school, what will be the future of students. The three boys break the rules of the Gurukul and follow their hearts. This enrages the headmaster Amitabh Bachchan. He decides to fire Shahrukh Khan!

Though its SRK vs Amitabh Bachchan but actually its Love vs Fear.Discipline vs Freedom.Tradition vs Forward Outlook. Status quo vs Change. Between these two strong-willed men who wins the battle and whether three boys finally get their love, forms the climax.

Basically the theme is summed up by one of the dialogues by Raj Aryan:” Duniya mein kitni hein nafratein, phir bhi dilon mein hain chahtein, jaao keh do iss jahaan se, uss  zameen se aasmaan se, ruk na sakeingi ab ye mohabbtein.

Though its about love being unconditional, love harbouring no prejudices and that no matter what we do love finds a way, by the time movie ends one wonders what it was trying to say- whether love first and discipline,studies and career choices later or some sort of balance is required?

There is some crackling chemistry beetween Aishwarya and Shah Rukh Khan but other lead pairs chemistry literally gets lost in their histories. Amongst three lovey-dovey pairs, its Preeti Jhangiani and Jimmy Shergill’s storyline that has some substance and shades. Other two are just candy floss.The long speeches by SRK and Big B about love and fear though interesting to hear, at times grate on one’s nerves.

This  bhel-puri of a film with somewhat unrealistic story and unrealistic settings  had all the masala with humour,emotion, songs and dances with the elements and influences of DDLJ, Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai, Dil Toh Paagal Hai et al.

A romantic-musical made for family audiences it had music by Jatin-Lalit who had composed individual theme music for all the four couples and lyrics by Anand Bakshi. With many playback singers debuting with this film’s album, still the best of the songs was by India’s nightingale Lata Mangeshkar accompanied with Udit Narayan “ Humko Humise Chura Lo”.

At some point it became uncomfortable sitting through the interminable love story called Mohabbtein.Though it just went on and on lasting for more than 3-and-a-half hours, it lived upto its hype and went on to become a golden jubilee hit.


*Amitabh Bachchan made a comeback in his career after his tryst with misfortune where his ABCL had gone into bankruptcy. It was his transition from the Angry Young Man to the Angry Old Man.

*Mohabbatein was the first time Big B and SRK appeared together on-screen.

*Post Amitabh-Rekha period, Sridevi was Amitabh Bachchan’s love interest in ‘real life’. She was supposed to have been offered a cameo  as Amitabh Bachchan’s love interest ‘on reel’ but she turned it down.

*Karan Johar designed clothes for Amitabh Bachchan.

*Helen did a wonderful cameo as Miss Monica-the dance teacher of girls’ school.

*It was declared a super hit and a second highest grosser in domestic box-office in year 2000.

*In year 2002 when DDLJ completed its 300th week at Maratha Mandir, Mumbai, Mohabbtein entered its 50th golden jubilee week.

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