Lucknow Central Film Review: Band That Bothers

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When promos give away the story, you still want to watch the whole movie just to see how they have handled the rest of it after beginning till the end.

That has been one of the main considerations for me while going for Lucknow Central,apart from doing a job in the line of my duty.

It has the same premise as an earlier release couple of weeks ago called Qaidi Band from the house of YRF.

That sank without any trace. Lucknow Central tries hard to stay afloat buoyed by some gritty performances,relatable characterisations and few emotional highs.

Kishan Mohan Girhotra(Farhan Akhtar) wants to make it as a lead singer of his own music band.He is from small town Moradabad but cherishes a dream to make it big.

His dream lies shattered as he is falsely implicated in the murder of an IAS officer and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The story shifts inside the Lucknow Central jail. The young,progressive CM (Ravi Kishen) wants to organise a music competition amongst musical bands from various jails in the State of UP. He wants to hold it in Lucknow Central jail that does not have its own band!

NGO activist Diana Penty who is working for the reformation of prisoners takes upon herself the task of assembling a band in the jail.

Farhan Akhtar volunteers for the band with an assurance to collect other musically inclined jail mates to complete the band. His obvious intention is to form a band but actual plan is to escape.

Whether he is able to realise his plan alongwith his ragtag members, who are hard-boiled criminals, forms rest of the story.

Story by director Ranjit Tiwari (co-screenplay with Anshu Arora) takes you through all the possible clich├ęs,tropes,character stereotyoes of a prison drama.

Still it holds attention due to some engaging moments,realistic performanes and few catchy numbers.

Farhan Akhtar’s characterisation of a simple,affable guy turning into a cunning, scheming mastermind of a jail escape does not come across too believable.Though he as an actor does a reasonablly good job without any subtlety.

The ensemble cast comprising of Deepak Dobriyal,Gippy Garewal,Inamulhaque,Rajesh Sharma provide the necessary wallop to the otherwise staccato screenplay.

Ronit Roy as a no-nonsense jailer with his team of clownish cops tries his best to exude menace and look tough.

Diana Penty looks sincere and holds her fort pitted against an array of male actors.

Its Ravi Kishen in a cameo, who brings smiles and cheers with his earthy humour.

As a director Ranjit Tiwari makes most of the ‘Convenience’ device to bridge glaring gaps of absurd and bizarre.Otherwise his handling is efficient.

Inspired by a true story of a band called ‘Healing Hearts’ the film meandering towards a predictable ending does not give you fair share of thrills. Still if you have nothing better to chill,you can visit Lucknow Central to kill your faaltu time.


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