Jagga Jasoos Film Review: Collapses Under Its Own Weight

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  • As is my routine, I could not catch First Day First Show of a main movie releasing this Friday, due to mild indisposition.

Watched Jagga Jasoos yesterday,that’s Saturday.

By this time the reviews have already poured in. Even the Box office verdict too.

But here is my take on the movie.

As I had mentioned in the trailer review of the movie, for all its digressions and mysterious spread,it definitely has a visual appeal unlike any other seen in Hindi Cinema.

The color palette reminds you of fairy tales scenario so peculiar to Disney dispensations.S V Raman’s cinematography definitely deserves applause.

Jagga Jasoos is basically a story of an orphaned Jagga who is adopted by Tooti Footi aka Badal Baghchi (Saswata Chatterjee).

Suddenly one fine day the foster father drops Jagga to a boarding school in Darjeeling and leaves with a promise that he will be back soon.

But he does not return.Has he gone missing or been murdered, is what takes Jagga on a find-out mission across Kolkata,Morocco,Thailand.

In this mission he takes help of a journalist-cum-teacher Shruti aka Katrina Kaif.

While Jagga and Shruti are on the trail,they chance upon a conspiracy and shady deals of illegal arms trade with global ramifications.

Was his father some how linked to this world-wide racket is another mystery to be solved.

This essentially is the plot. I wish it was kept that simple. But the ace blender Anurag Basu weaves a screenplay that has three movies at the price of one. It should feel like a bonanza to the audience but you feel somewhat dissatisfied with this 3 for 1offering.

In one of his experimental and self indulgent phases,the director takes you on a ride by serving a cocktail of musical,opera,mystery,murder,action,thriller,adventure,fantasy drama. With so many ingredients put together, the cocktail is still not able to pack a punch. You get a feeling of being taken for a ride,literally.

What unfolds on the screen is visually enticing.But most of the time it seems all song and dance, acting as rumblers to the progression of the main story.

Engaging in patches,with just a sprinkling of humor the movie does not provide frequent thrilling chops to move you.

Ranbir Kapoor with his stammering, singing and dancing act has put heart into his performance. Katrina Kaif’s bumbling,clumsy persona is efficient.Their on- screen chemistry is amiss.Its more of proximity sans any sparks.

Saswata Chatterjee as Badal Bagchi gives a riveting performance.Saurabh Shukla as an Intelligence Officer with shades of black is functional.

What stays with you are few of innovatively choreographed songs (credit Shiamak Davar).

Towards the interval point,Katrina Kaif while narrating the adventures and exploits of comic character Jagga asks her students “Bore Ho Gaye Na?”. The poor kids are ambivalent.But I wonder how could she so accurately guess our state of mind!. At that particular point, you empathise with her flair for clairvoyance and think perhaps she is better equipped to be a detective than being a teacher-cum-journalist-cum-narrator.

Pritam has poured his energies,creativity and talent into composing almost thirty compositions.Only a couple stand out, that too what have been used in promos.Amitabh Bhattacharya’s rhyming dialogues (leading to most of the ditties) serve the scenes well.

With such a backing,and expertise what exactly went wrong in making of this most-awaited-movie-of-the-year.

You may defend it by saying, for one,it has been too long in the making that takes away from the buzz. Accepted. Then it is different from hindi cinema’s normal offerings.Ok,agreed.It should have been pitched at children,rather than children who grew up but are not grown up. Hmmm, point worth pondering.

But what will you say to 25 year plus boys studying in a boarding school and trying to look like 16-18 years of age.

What to make of illogical and unbelievable scenario.Somewhat tacky VFX. Too much time spent on delineating Jagga’s childhood and showcasing of his detection skills as a teenage boy where he goes on to solve suicide, murder cases while in the boarding.

Infact if you chop off even thirty to forty minutes of the movie,it won’t affect the result. As I said it’s three movies in one.

Master blender Anurag Basu this time is not able to serve a concoction a la Life In A Metro and Barfi.At times too much of indulgence is unappetising. This movie is a proof of that.

Jagga Jasoos is visually captivating, with decent performances, but with so much of excess baggage that if you were travelling by air,you would be charged heavily for such an overload. No wonder it taxes your nerves.

Wish it had focus and thrill of Indiana Jones-Raiders of The Lost Arc, and fun and timber of The Adventure of TinTin.Wish it had half an hour less of running time than 161 minutes as of now. Wish it was lean and mean in its scenario.But as they say if wishes were horses.


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