Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer Review

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The more things change the more they remain same.

Imtiaz Ali from his first movie Socha Na Tha to last release Tamasha has used the metaphor of travel as a journey not only to explore exotic places by protagonists who are opposite in nature,attitudes,behaviour to each other, but during the course of their journey they realise their compatibility too.

The conflict is invariably a third person, a guy to whom the girl is either engaged or married or about to get married.Or the guy has commitment phobia or an ambition that needs focus.

She has to resolve the conflict as to whom to choose.
He has to settle his commitment issues or ambition bug.

Jab Harry Met Sejal is so entenched in status quo that everything from its premise to presentation to performances is seeped in the ethos of Imtiaz Ali school of film making.
Trailer reminds you of Jab We Met,Love Aaj Kal,Rockstar,Tamasha and to an extent Highway. Even SRK’s Chalte Chalte.

Nothing is new and pathbreaking.Its a rehash and mish mash of Imtiaz Ali’s own movies and some others.

Merely by a change of occupation you can’t occupy space in audience’s mind.

So what if Shahrukh Khan is a tour guide in Europe.It does not make him stop doing the same antics that he has been doing since DDLJ.

The super says: A tour guide who is lost. Nothing could be more true. SRK is not only lost but the film seems to have lost a semblance of ┬ámeaningful plot too. Ironically,the plot has a peg of heroine’s ring being lost and both hero and heroine are now in search of a lost ring, and their own selves in the process.Predictable and pedestrian indeed.

Another super quotes: A Woman who seeks guidance. Sejal aka Anushka Sharma really seems to need guidance to behave like a true-blue Gujju.

It’s not her fault though. Even SRK does not look an earthy Sikh in his cut- surd avatar. Merely by having a name Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry does not give you an identity of a Sikh gentleman.Fake setups,fake accents, accentuate the stereotypes.

From the first mini trailer (so called innovation)to the first full theatrical trailer, SRK’s Harry is seen underlining the fact that he is cheap, that he is a letch. And Anushka’s Sejal quips: that’s your problem.Not mine.

But I want to quip about this film.Its cheap and it is loaded with problems.

A love story has to have heart throbbing as well as heart wrenching numbers. Songs of JHMS lack the soul and spirit both. Even the dance choreography is deja vu.

When you have paucity of ideas even to zero in on a suitable title for a movie, then what you can expect from the film itself!

Sure enough, JHMS is expected to ride on star power on first weekend, after that it may not be like it’s final tagline that screams: Whom you seek May be seeking you. It could be rather that you may be seeking the audience, but it may not be interested to seek your company.

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