Jab Harry Met Sejal Film Review:Directionless Tour

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The writing on the wall has been there ever since the title of Jab Harry Met Sejal (JHMS) was plagiarised from When Harry Met Sally. You wondered why couldn’t makers think something out-of-the-box like RingThing,Ring’a’Ring’a’ Roses et al. It reflected on the paucity of their creative juices.

Then came the promos.

Though Jab Harry Met Sejal mini and theatrical trailers did offer sufficient hints of things banal and bland,but like the complexes-ridden heroine Sejal (Anushka Sharma) who thinks and feels that she is not smart and desirable,I thought may be I am unintelligent when it comes to measuring the charisma of Shahrukh Khan and creative vision of writer-director Imtiaz Ali.

How I wish I had gone by my gut feel and intuition. I wish I could decode at the very outset,the open ended mystery of a missing engagement ring, the ring that symbolises going in circles reaching nowhere,like the film’s story.

I wish I could take the hint of Windmills in Amsterdam,that the screenplay is all wind,all air.

I wish I could take the hint from a character in the film ,who is the boss of illegal immigrants in Prague or whatever, with an unusual name Gas,that this whole idea is nothing but gas where both Harry and Sejal just gas around through 145 mnts of run time.

I wish I had figured out after having a tour with tour guide Harry aka Shahrukh Khan, of Amsterdam,Prague,Berlin,

Budapest,Lisbon,Frankfurt,that this Europe trip is just a hook to trip you and bring you eventually to Mumbai,then to the wheatfields of Punjab and finally to run you aground with a big thud.

So much ri’n’gmarole one had to go through just for a law graduate, diamond merchant’s daughter Sejal ┬áin search of a lost engagement ring, to get over her low self esteem,and realise that she is not after all a sweet,submissive,sister type girl for her fiance’,but an intelligent young woman and sexy too.

For Harry its to realise that after all, his cheap,loose,womanising image is just a misgiving and he has some gravitas too, that is worthy of Sejal’s hand.

So much brouhaha and noise of nine senseless songs (unimpressive Irshad Kamil and Pritam)for such a piddly payoff!

Writer Director Imtiaz Ali wanted to pull off a plot with a paper thin premise filching from DDLJ,Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai,even Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and his own Tamasha. As if one Tamasha was not sufficient to make mincemeat of your brain,he had the audacity to incorporate its play acting characters into this one too.

At one particular point, SRK asks Anushka : Ab Kya plan hai. Iske baad kahan jaana hai. I felt like screaming, I want to go anywhere except being in the auditorium.

JHMS is a travelogue trying its worst to be a timeless movie. But it tires you out by the time it ends. You come out wondering that its ok if heroine is desperate who lost her ring, but why hero of 52 trying to be 25 has lost his sensibilities.You don’t wonder about the director and the audience. Because you are sure that Imtiaz Ali has definitely lost his marbles and audience its patience.

Moral of the story after all those missed hints is that though the tagline says : what you are seeking may be seeking you, one thing is for sure, you are not seeking this mishmash and mess of a movie.

Another takeaway when you get this itch, this temptation to watch JHMS just for SRK, think twice of your trip to the auditorium with this extra-exuberant tour guide, so as not to lose your money,after losing your patience, just for participating in this bizarre search for a lost ring. Its a lost cause anyway.




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