Golmaal Again Film Review: No Not Again

| October 26, 2017 | 1 Comment

Due to family exigency, I was unable to watch Golmaal Again on Friday.

It’s almost a week since I got to watch it now.

Statutory Warning: This is not a review because to review you need to engage your mental faculties and to some degree use your neuron pathways.

Since the filmmaker made it very clear in the franchise’s tagline that don’t look out for logic, think magic, it would be reprehensible to view the movie applying your grey cells.

So it’s an overview of a franchise’s fourth outing.Obviously it’s not a film.

Now the bhakts,puritans can join hands and take out their fangs to say: How dare you say it’s not a film!

You think it’s for nothing that it crossed ₹100 crore mark in four days flat!

I have no defence against this onslaught.I am still wondering that why it reached the milestone so late! But then I had been warned not once but thrice by the character played by Tabu that when God wants, it dispenses with logic and creates magic!

So I stopped wondering and looked out for magic in this horror,action,comedy.

If an assortment of gags,free-fall mannerisms,hamming in the name of acting,lush DI suffused landscape of Ooty,riot of oversaturated colours, costumes and sets,cacophony for music,the tongue twisters and wordplay for dialogues(that have some bite,honestly) is an idea of magic,then it has plenty.

Rest all are footnotes.

Yes, it indeed is magic to watch the audience reaction,especially young girls who seemed to be hell bent on proving why their gender is not worthy of anything cerebral.

Well for young boys they seemed to be playing dumb and dumber.

So much for audience tastes and craving for good cinema.But who am I to comment on that. As the iconic Ad Guru David Ogilvy quipped.Customer is not a moron. She could be your wife.

In such a scenario, if your wife barrels down your throat, say magic, do you have any choice?

So all is rigmarole.All is Golmaal.But would I like it this way again.

For this I say with firm logic:Not again!.Give me Golmaal First or Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachan or Chennai Express. Not this masala mess.

Meanwhile,giving a damn to my ramblings, magic is making the BO tick.


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  1. Basu says:

    Hi i saw golmaal again last night.its really illogical film.But thts what comedy films have no logic.But these films are sadly huge hits.i think indian audience like watchng such stuff

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