Fukrey Returns Film Review: A Forced Return

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A true blue sequel is one that takes the story ahead from its predecessor.In that sense Fukrey Returns a la Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a real sequel,unlike Golmaal Returns that’s merely encashing the Golmaal franchise.

Its not that Fukrey Returns is innocent and has no such intentions. Infact it also intends to cash in on the success and appeal of sleeper hit Fukrey.

But yes,unlike its first outing,it lacks the innocence and vulnerability of its characters and freshness of its plot and premise.

The story opens one year after Bholi Punjaban(Richa Chadha) was jailed for her drug and lottery cons. Now she is in no mood to languish in jail because of four fukras Honey(Pulkit Samrat),his chuddy-buddy Choocha(Varun Sharma),Laali(Manjot Singh) and Zafer(Ali Fazal).

She gets out of jail, courtesy, a CM aspirant politician Babulal Bhatia(Rajiv Gupta). He asks for quid pro quo. Rupees ten crore for her release. To get that money she ropes in these foursome and blackmails them to get her the money.

Now the scheme these foursome indulge in is the same. Choocha dreams. Honey interprets the dream. A number is arrived at. Lots of money procured from double-the-money scam is staked on this lottery number. But it is manipulated by the kingpin of lottery business ,yes the wily Babulal Bhatia.

The scheme goes bust. From here onwards the screenplay goes bananas. Enter snake bite on butts, resulting in Choocha getting power of premonition,an angry tiger mom, a tiger cub scratching Choochas back to relieve him of itching,and hunt for a treasure that will relieve all of their miseries.

Situations and incidents are so bizarre,weird and unbelievable that it really racks your brains to make sense of the nonsense.

Giving devil its due, as stand-alone sequences some of them are really full of fun and mirth, but as story tellers,they are nothing but theatre of the absurd.

Dialogues by screenplay writer Vipul Vig do carry a bite and save many a situation.

So does the performance of Varun Dhawan and security guard Panditji (Pankaj Tripathi).

Richa Chadha puts in her best but her performance has an uphill task of scaling the heap of inanities.

Manjot Singh does carry the credibility of his character with understated act.

Pulkit Samrat,Ali Fazal and their girlfriends have just gone through the motions.

Director and additional screenplay-dialogue writer Mrigdeep Singh Lamba delivers an efficient product.Thats it. His attempts are unable to strike a chord like his previous outing. In one word,the whole thing lacks the innocence,naivete and freshness that made Fukrey a really entertaining,lovable film.

The ambience,lingo,shenanigans,characterisations so reminded me of Saat Uchhkey,released early this year,that incidentally bombed (maybe due to its excessive abusive, colloquial lingo),but to me, was a real fun take on Old Delhi life,its characters and their theatrics.

As one viewer put it, because of Fukrey’s freshness,viewers returned second time.Seeing this there may not be an encore.

Go for it if you have spare time, if you want to watch some endearing antics, have money to splurge on popcorns and colas,and if you really are desperate to have some fun.


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