Firangi Film Review: The Effort Shows

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It has a period setting, 26 years prior to India’s Independence. Gandhiji has given a call to boycott everything ‘firangi’.

Dusty roads lead to villages with mud-houses having no electricity.Even the Raja(Kumud Mishra) ruling over this part of the land,is into debauchery and cares two hoots for his common man.

He is willing to marry off his Oxford returned daughter Princess Shyamal (Monica Gill,ineffective) to a British Officer Mark Daniels(Edward Sonnenblick) for business profits. This Raja has his own selfish interests paramount like all white men ruling India.

In this scenario a simple, innocent boy Mangatram aka Manga(Kapil Sharma) believes otherwise. He is in the employ of Daniels and considers him a just man. In the same vein he defends ‘Gora’s’ and their rule that has many positives.

His illusion gets shattered as he comes to know the truth about Daniel and Raja’s conspiracy to usurp the land of the village where his beloved Sargi(debutante Ishita Dutta, merely a foil) resides.

How he plans,manipulates and connives to save the villagers is the crux of the story.

It has elements that remind you of DDLJ,Lagaan,punjabi film Carry On Jatta. et al.

Inspite of being inspired from many sources, it has, infact has all the ingredients for a wholesome entertainer. Still it’s not able to strike a chord and give you a satisfactory experience. Just because the master chef aka writer-director Rajiv Dhingra has not been able to mix the ingredients in right proportion and embellish the dish properly.

Characterisations are the major hiccup. Especially main lead Kapil Sharma’s. He, starts off with innocence and vulnerability like Raj Kapoor’s Raju of yore, but then he becomes conniving and scheming,even though for a good cause. This kind of aberration is acceptable in a totally comic, spoofy movie. Not the done thing in this mish mash of desi humour,romance,melodrama and even action.

Kapil Sharma tries to rise above his image and succeeds partially. Fine actors Kumud Mishra and Inamulhaq barely rise above average.All other actors are simply doing their job efficiently.

How I wish, the tone and treatment of the film was kept comic throughout,instead of frequently taking it into forced melodrama.

I am of the opinion that, had this been treated a la Carry On Jatta, or the cult classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaro, it would have been a non stop laugh riot not diluting the intended message in the end, where even Mahatma Gandhi is roped in too. In present scenario his appearance and presence is so far fetched.

The film ends with a super: An effort by Rajiv Dhingra and his team. It literally turns out to be an effort rather than a smooth,effortless entertainer.


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