Golden Jubilee Club- Dil Chahta Hai – A Refreshing Take On Matters of Heart

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Dil Chahta Hai PosterDil Chahta Hai (DCH-2001) released at the dawn of the twenty first century, came as a breath of fresh air. Though It had usual ingredients of comedy, drama, songs, dance, romance, love angles yet it all contained freshness of a snowflake.

Its about falling in and out of love, its about confrontation between best of the buddies. Its about ray of hope and hope for love. Its coming of age movie that tests the friendship and its surviving the upheavals over a period of time. Its about conflict between tradition bound parents and today’s free-floating children. Its also about the arranged marriages vs choosing your own life partner.

DCH has no great plot and conveys no specific social message. It tells the story of three friends with totally different outlook towards life and love. One thing that binds them together is their deep friendship. Aamir Khan is a prankster (wonder how he can pull it off everytime defying his age) who does not believe in love. He is a flirt and his love affairs do not last for more than a month.  Then there is Saif Ali Khan who believes in love and has the uncanny inclination to fall for every other girl but chickens out at the most crucial moment when he actually develops feeling for Sonali Kulkarni. Akshaye Khanna is an artist at heart and seems to have understood the various dimensions of love the most and is able to see it in everything, everywhere, everytime.

The women who come and change their lives are a feisty Shalini (Preity Zinta), alchohlic Tara Jaiswal (Dimple Kapadia) and conventional yet modern Pooja (Sonali Kulkarni). It has no villains of staple Bollywood except for an add-on guy (cameo by Ayub Khan) who is used as a prop to arouse jealousy.

The acting by the ensemble cast is excellent throughout. Aamir is as usual very good. Saif Ali Khan is at his best with his histrionic abilities.and makes his Sameer a very adorable character. Akshaye Khanna has played the role of Sid with gravity and sincerity. Here he emotes through his eyes and facial expressions a lot. Preity adorns a bubbly look and has acted well.Though Sonali Kulkarni has a cameo but she delivers it with competence. An older, divorced, alcoholic Dimple Kapadia is a surprise package.

DCH brought alive that real,urban look and made it the in thing.There is nothing larger than life about the characters or incidents. It has characters that people can relate to. It is one of the most stylish movies with goatee beards,short hair and color coded wardrobes The laidback style of the three protagonists makes all the incidents appear cool. The editing, production design, lighting, cinematography are outstanding.

The credit goes to Farhan Akhtar for presenting the reality of cosmopolitan and vibrant young India when our movies were mired in melodrama, rigid norms, deeply entrenched conventions and stereo-types. It sounds surprising that DCH was Farhan Akhtar’s debut movie as a director and a scriptwriter.
Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has the zing, lilt and vitality . Even the arrangement of songs is a mix of modern and traditional musical instruments. An Opera at Sydney Opera House is another plus where Aamir takes Preity Zinta for an evening out!. The parodying of Bollywood clichés is another pleasant offering.

The dialogues are a refreshing change from the flowery and heavily melo-dramatic.There is dollops of English interspersed as is the wont of modern India’s cosmopolitan youth. The conversations are colloquial and have an earthy charm to them.

It has the passion and romanticism blended with the energy  of contemporary India’s young and is full of fun and surprises. Its one of the cleanest youth movies without guns, drugs, crass and crude machoism. It is invigorating, fresh and highly recommended and well worth your time of 3 hours plus to explore what your heart wants.


Though DCH was nominated in record thirteen categories of Filmfare Award it went on to win the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi in year 2002. It also fetched Udit Narayan a National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for his rendering of the song “ Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte Hain”.

Besides these two most sought after awards related to cinema, DCH bagged several awards instituted by various media houses.

It launched a very fruitful association between producer Ritesh Sidwani and director Farhan Akhtar who later on established a film company Excel Entertainment.

Though Dil Chahta did an average business as per Box Office yardstick,it became the eighth highest grosseing  Hindi movie in year 2001. Though considered a moderate commercial success it garnered an all round critical acclaim and entered the Golden Jubileee club by completing a 52 weeks run in various venues across India.

When it comes to male bonding, bro-romance, coming of age genre DCH has over a period of time attained the cult status.

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