Dear Maya Film Review: Say Yes To Life

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It happens many a time that you go out on your limb to do someone good, your intentions too are genuine, but the consequences are just not what you desired.

Instead of doing good, your actions jeopardise other person’s well being.

Anna(Madeha Imam) and Ira (Shreya Singh Chaudhary) are two 16 year old teens who are studying in an elite school of Shimla. Their bonding is typical of teen years-full of fun,pranks and experimentation.

Then there is Maya (Manisha Koirala) who lives in a dilapidated bungalow and leads a despondent,lonely existence.Out of sheer curiosity and an act of kindness, Anna and Ira decide to get Maya back to life, by adding some colour to her dreary existence.

They decide on a plan. In their naivete they write her letters in the name of an imaginary suitor from her past. Those letters work their magic by and by. A time comes that Maya gets out of her caged existence (literally by setting free dozens of caged birds kept in her bungalow) and sets off to meet her old lover in New Delhi.

Now these girls know that guy is not real. But Maya leaves Shimla for good.

Anna and Ira have a showdown for bringing things to such a pass. They are guilt ridden and blame each other for wrecking and rocking Maya’s life boat.

Maya goes missing! Two best friends part ways. Rest of the story is what happens to Maya and whether two teenage girls cement their frayed friendship again.

Story indeed is refreshing in an otherwise dry and humid climes of Bollywood. It has hint of Dear John and PS, I love you, but that’s more of a sprinkling than lifting of whole substance.

The repetitive screenplay is the spoilsport. Cut out characterisations of supporting cast are no help. Metaphors and symbolism though literal, are able to convey the range from loneliness, the imprisoned with-in existence, to getting free,jettisoning the excess baggage and loving life.

Writer-Director Sunaina Bhatnagar’s handling is leisurely which is given some fillip by Aarti Bajaj’s crisp editing.

Her achievement lies in extracting charming performances from the trio. Debutante Madeha and Shreya have zing, energy and effusiveness of budding teens.

Its Manisha Koirala who with her innocent eyes reminds you of a doe-eyed girl of 1942-A Love Stor and Bombay.Her haunting expressions convey Maya’s lonely,love-starved existence. You wish to see more of her.

Alas, Maya vanishes from the screen post interval for considerable time as director goes on to explore coming-of- age subplot of estranged bestfriends.

Well in a typical all is well, that ends well, Manisha Koirala’s Maya rediscovers herself. But how ?. Wish there was more meat to her search and reinvention.

Still Dear Maya is endearing with her message of hope, saying yes to life, getting out of our self made cages, grabbing the moment,and living in now, because who knows what will happen tomorrow.
At present you can say Dear Maya yourself by not writing another love letter but grabbing a ticket at the BO.


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