Commando 2 Film Review: Commands No Interest

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The nationalistic fervour gripping the nation has led to many spin offs. One of these is the genre of spy thrillers where many movies are being churned out in Bollywood wherein our RAW aka secret service agents aka under cover commandos are taking on missions to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of the country that is being threatened by terrorists of various shades.

To this is added a new breed of anti national elements, the economic plunderers who have been siphnoning off the ill gotten wealth to tax heavens abroad. This idea of flushing out black money has got a big impetus post November 2016 demonetisation.

Commando 2-The Black Money Trail tries to encash this Demonetisation bandwagon, as an afterthought, by coming up with a plotline where a team comprising four odd members of the special task force is sent to Malaysia to bring back the kingpin of black money racket- one Vicky Chadha. Now tailing Vicky Chadha is a major mission spearheaded by none else than the Home Minister of the country played by Shefali Shah, and who is this Vicky Chadha, is a major twist in the tale.

Of course this special team has our hero,a Para 9 commando Karan aka Vidyut Jamwal.What is he doing in the special police team,don’t ask.In fact there are so many gaping holes about which you want to ask about,but you don’t.

The goings on are as weird,fickle and improvised as RBIs 60 plus directives had been in two months of that demonetisation drama. Peppered with some exciting action,that becomes repetitive after couple of sequences, the story (Suresh Nair),and screenplay (Ritesh Shah) with all the twists resembles the changing goal posts of demonetisation drive.

By the time movie ends you are wiser for few things:
That Vidyut Jamwal knows his action and may be best in the business.That Esha Gupta’s characterisation is hard to digest. That Adah Sharma’s character as an encounter specialist is suspect, literally.That as a Home Minister of the Country Shefali Shah’s shennanigans are not worth writing home about.

That actor turned director Deven Bhojani shows no grip over his material. His handling of the subject matter, the performances and overall execution is at best passable.

That the Demonetisation stuff is an afterthought stuck in the opening to lend some motive to this otherwise no brainer.That you as a responsible viewer owe it to your hard earned money to not get bruised once again.

That Commando 2 is no patch on the freshness of Commando 1. And the hint of part 3 should be taken with  a pintful of salt. This Part 3 may come in a year or two on the screens, but the expectation of return of 180 billion dollars plus black money stashed abroad by the patriotic citizens of our proud country.

So it’s better to be cashless, literally, so one is not tempted to buy the tickets and join the patriotic refrain and join in the misadventure of  going on this banal. black money trail.One though feels for Vidyut Jamwal whose electrifying stunts and presence is defused by the dampsquib of a screenplay and story twists.


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