Bhoomi Film Review : A Morass of a Mashup

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At times you don’t go to review a picture, you walk in to view and then review a project or a retreaded, rehashed version of some other film.

Well Bhoomi scores on all these fronts. Its a project to showcase the return of a Phoenix, the indestructible Sanjay Dutt.God only knows how many resurrections he is destined to have.

Then the movie has nothing new to offer. A mix of Pink, Matre and Mom, it takes you through the grind.

Bhoomi( Aditi Rao Hydari) is doted upon by her alcohol loving Papa Arun Sachdev(Sanjay Dutt).

She is to marry her love Neeraj   (Sidhant). But a night before the wedding she is GRAPED ( gang raped) by her rejected suitor and his cousin Dhauli( Sharad Kelkar).

Now Bhoomi’s marriage is called off. She undergoes the torturous court proceedings where she only is dubbed as characterless and then the rapists go scot-free.

But do they really?. Eventually the Sanjay Dutt the slayer wakes up to take revenge.

By the time he gets into the groove of taking revenge from the perpetrators of heinous crime, its too late for the audience to keep the antennas up.

Still it brings some relief to the fans of Sanjay Dutt.

There is nothing new under the sun, or on the earth.Screenplay and Dialogues by Raaj Shandilya take you on time travel, transporting you somewhere in seventies and eighties.

Omung Kumar seems to have sleep walked through the direction. It seems so, due to the sleep inducing impact of the balderdash that’s being shown in name of a film.

Performances are strictly regulation standards. Sanjay Dutt is as he is, with one saving grace. This time he looks his age though may not act like one.

Aditi is pleasant and sincere.

Special appearance by Shekhar Suman as a friend of Sanjay Dutt, mouthing platitudes and PJ’s does not bring in any intended relief. For example, calling his wife Alka as Al Qaeda does not make for a quip or a smart one-liner.

Sharad Kelkar has screen presence but his whole characterisation is so retro and antiquated. But he loves to play a New Age game called Hide and Cheek where a girl is let loose in the wilderness and whosoever is able to spot and catch her,wins her over for night of debauchery! Is this really a new-age game?

One wonders how the house of YRF could greenflag this product or project, as this definitely is not cinema.

It is neither earth shaking, nor earth shattering in any department.No,not even all the shaking and gyrations by Sunny Leone in a highly ridiculous item number make you hit the floor.

Whatever earthiness and earnestness it showed in father-daughter relationship, starts sounding fake gradually.

Your heart breaks and you curse the money squandered as you land with a thud on the Bhoomi that you expected to be warm,embracing and all enveloping. Neither advised nor wise and worth stepping on.


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