Behen Hogi Teri Film Review : Your Brotherly Neighbourhood

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There are certain common societal characteristics that define the Hindi belt of our Bharat Mahaan. With its patriarchial system refusing to loosen its grip, there are certain givens, so far gender equations and matters of heart among young boys and girls are concerned.

Like making an ownership statement : Ye teri honay waali bhabhi hai. Means the other guys are brother-in-laws of the targeted girl and they should restrain their own machismo. Then there is another one : Girls of same locality, mohalla, neighbourhood are like your sisters. Means they are out of bound for anything related to your biology, chemistry and raging hormones. But go and try telling this to Cupid. He gives two hoots to this nonsense. The clash between Cupid’s arrows and society norms,prejudices is inevitable.

Behen Hogi Teri takes up the premise that you have every right to fall in love with your friendly neighbour. That there should not be any sanction-sacred or sanctimonious to derail this in the name of relationships as sister/rakhi sister.

Gattu aka Raj Kumar Rao is in love with his fire brand neighbour Binny Arora ( Shruti Haasan) since they were wearing shorts and knickers. Now he is a young man with raging testosterone. That does not mean he is grown up. He has not mustered courage to express his love to Binny. He has been unable to tell this to her family that he loves their daughter.

Instead he becomes a passive partner in spreading the rumour that Binny is involved with his best friend Bhura ( Herry Tangri) Things go out of control as his timidity and diffidence leads to Binny being married off to a suitor from France-one Gautam Gulati. Gattu is reduced to being a friendly help for the preparations. Binny blames him for being a loser.

Rest of the story is how Gattu goes about redeeming himself and trying to prove to Binny’s brother Ninad Kamat and other jing bang, that he is the right guy for Binny and not a brotherly shadow.

The premise starts off well with a refreshing set up. The humour quotient tickles your funny bone for a while. After almost half an hour things start becoming repetitive. Screenplay starts going around like Gattu doing circumambulations of Binny.

After interval, there are forced subplots that bring in erstwhile villains-in-arms Ranjit, Gulshan Grover to make nonsense of the story.Though they give their best but can’t rise above the pedestrian pace and lack of comic sharpness of the script.

Debutante director Ajay Pannalal soon loses steam halfway through the narrative. Screenplay sketches surface characters. There are patches of funny dialogues but overall the fun quotient nosedives drastically.

Rajkummar Rao as a love-lorn,diffident,persistent boy next-door is pleasant. In the role of his chuddy-buddy Bhura, Herri Tangri shines through. Its Shruti Haasan with her nuanced performance that holds your attention. In the role of her bachelor elder brother Ninad Kamat is effective.

Behen Hogi Teri treads the path already taken by many movies set in UP’s heartland, a recent one being Badrinath Ki Dulhania. All the feudal, gender prejudices are present though toned up by the touch of humour. It could have been  such a rib-tickling rom-com. As I say it could have been.


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