BANK CHOR Film Review: UnBankable

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What to make of a situation(as any incident out of the ordinary is called in police circles), when a bank heist is underway, Cops are sidelined, instead an investigation agency CBI is pressed into service. An investigation agency? To solve a crisis situation!Weird stuff.

Anyway,lets take it further. Things seem to be going out of hand. Robbers are now being painted as terrorists. Anti Terrorist Squad is called in. Well this could have been a laugh-riot, a ROFL set up. But in Y Films Bank Chor it becomes such a mess, that has no message, no mind or even an entertainment quotient.

The premise was full of potential.Three bummers Gulaab (Bhuvan Arora),Genda(Vikram Thapa)from Delhi, led by a Mumbai manoos, a  Ganpati devotee named Champak (Riteish Deshmukh) hold up a bank, unimaginatively called Bank Of Indians. They seem to be dumb and dumber. Only thing that brings out some semblance of sense amongst them is when they are arguing about whether Delhites are better or Mumbaites. The Delhi vs Mumbai divide, essentially North vs West that used to be staple of cricketing rivalry especially during Ranji Trophy, this time talks of traits, behavioural inclinations of the residents of two metros, and this banter is worth some smiles and chuckles in an otherwise damp, deflated, confused bank robbery.

Debut Director Bumpy is not able to focus on what exactly he wanted to make and takes you on a bumpy ride.. A comic heist, a dramatic thriller. A comic,dramatic, thriller!

The bhelpuri that unfolds is not appetizing. Things and situations swerve and sway mindlessly. The smartass twists that are supposed to be implanted emerge with jagged edges by the time the movie ends.

It’s more of a distant country cousin to Dhoom franchise. Riteish Deshmukh puts in his heart, but as he is fond of saying GBMLR, Ganpati Bappa Morya Lets Rock, fails to make it rocking.

A staple TV reporter Rhea Chakraborty adds glamour quotient to the murky environs.Vivek Oberoi as a CBI officer-in-charge, who keeps taking swigs from his hip-flask while on duty, does show some chutzpah and bravado but leaves you wondering at the confused characterization.

Infact all the charactersations are to confound.This compounded with illogical happennings, unbelievable screenplay ( credited to Baljit Singh Marwah) become the major reasons of this half baked heist caper going nowhere.

By the time the twists and turns reveal whether the tyros were really dumb or smart alecks, you rue being robbed of your hard earned money at the Box office. You want to be a good Samaritan as you come out of the auditorium and warn others of not being waylaid and made C*%#$#@ . You are so agitated that you want to really say out aloud the similar sounding cuss word BC, but restrain yourself just for the sake of few  amusing performances.

Still lollipops cannot be substitute for lavish desserts. So its better to take a precaution of not venturing anywhere near a suspect place where you have even an iota of apprehension of being robbed. So  Guard your wallets and stay clear from abusing.


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