Bahubali 2-The Conclusion Film Review: It Delivers What It Promised

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My expectation, anticipation was doubled as I entered the high end multiplex in Malad-West and barely managed to get a front row seat for the 10 AM show of #Bahubali2. Excitement was in the air and to my surprise almost sixty percent of the crowd was females. Such a fan following for Prabhas!

By the time everyone got settled in their seats, it was not Prabhas on their minds. More than anything it was the perennial question WHY KATTAPA KILLED BAHUBALI, that demanded an answer.

Magician of a director SS Rajamoulli did not waste any time in taking us straight into the enchanting kingdom of Mahishmati. The backstory of Mahendra Bahubali aka Shivudu, takes us back to his roots as it starts with the announcement of coronation of Amarendra  as would be king of Mahishmati.

 It then sweeps you off your feet and takes you on its wings as this tale of Mahendra’s father Amarendra Bahubali (Prabhas himself),and his mother DevSena (Anushka Shetty) is delineated- a love story that tugs at your heartstrings as it unfolds in all its magnificence, innocence and dash of humour.

On the other hand, the sibling rivalry now does not simmer but sizzles as Amarendra’s cousin Bhallal Dev (Rana Daggubatti)  wants DevSena for himself. Apart from the insecurities he is full of lust,greed and pride. That is enough for him to conspire alongwith his father Bajjal Dev (Nassar)to indulge in his Game Of Thrones and divest Bahubali of his right to the throne and get him banished alongwith  DevSena.

Rest of the story takes you through a rollercoaster ride through the palace intrigue, betrayal, deception,  powergames, fratricide and revenge.

To dissect or analyse Bahubali 2 is an exercise in vacuum. Some films just have to be experienced. This is one such film. It mesmerizes you with its massive scale, colorful canvas, wide vistas, and grand mounting.

It rekindles that childhood fascination in you for your mythological heroes and villains. Reminds you of the days with Chandamama and AmraChitraKatha comics that gripped your imagination in their myriad tales of the good versus evil in the far flung Kingdoms of yore.

There is nothing subtle about the presentation. Everything is larger-than-life and loud. Yet it does not rattle but engages you. Its because the grandeur, the sweep, the majesty of drama, the thrilling action and stunning visuals satisfy your high expectations. At some points it even goes beyond your imagination and you have no option but to whistle,clap or simply say WOW!

 Yesin its runtime of 170 minutes approx. it does dip and drag, but soon comes on the racing track.

Yes the climax is not as up to the expectations, as Bahubali-The Beginning. Still it has its moments,tricks and aces that make you say Oh, No! What Was That!

S S Rajamoulli is truly one director on Indian Cinematic horizon who has this vision, guts, gumption and sensibility to engage, entertain and entrance you at the same time with his visual and dramatic virtuosity.

Prabhas makes his presence felt both as a lovestruck Prince and then a Kshatriya Warrior with a soft heart and strong arms who knows  how to fight for justice and win hearts and battles.

Anushka Shetty this time charms with her portrayal of a young princess, far removed from being a tortured and tormented mother of part one.

Kattappa (Sathyraj) bares another shade of his humorous persona. Avanthika (Tamannah Bhatia) is given a short shrift as the story does belong to DevSena (Anushka Shetty) and the mother queen Shivgami (Ramya Krishnan).

With the able assistance of an arousing background score (M M Keeravani), an awe inspiring cinematograpy (K K Senthil Kumar), international standard CGI and grand production design(Sabu Cyril), Bahubali 2-The Conclusion, takes you on a thrilling ride, that can only be savored big time, on a big screen.

Mera Vachan hi Mera Shasan Hai. My Promise is My Rule. That’s Shivgami’s dictum for ruling Mahishmati. This saga of promise and living upto  commitments does have its echo in the film per se as Bahubali 2 also fulfils its commitment and delivers big time. Yes, it answers too that nagging question Why Katappa Killed Bahubali to reasonable satisfaction.

Just suspend your disbelief and go out and melt into the merriment with a crowd that seems to have forgotten all differences of caste,class,creed,language,region and religion. Apart from the blockbuster box office, Bahubali 2 has busted another myth of us being separate from each other. When it comes to reliving emotions and celebrating humanity we are all one! That half star is for doing this unthinkable thing in these fractured times!



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