BabuMoshai Bandookbaaz Film Review: Damp Squib

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Some movies are made just for effect,to show that look how smart we as filmmakers are.

BabuMoshai Bandookbaaz has a premise that has look at me written all over. Babu Bihari aka Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a small time contract killer somewhere in the badlands of Uttar Pradesh,having daring do with no compunctions in eliminating the targets across the political spectrum, as he is truly a professional who can’t do injustice to his rozi-roti.

He falls in love with a cobbler woman Phulwa(Bipida Bag) and starts his family life keeping it secure and safe from the dangers of his profession.

Enters another hitman Banke (Jatin Goswami) who has been in awe of Babu and considers him his Guru.

They separately get a contract to eliminate political rivals of one party leader. How it leads to intrigue,betrayal,treachery and revenge limping to a clumsy climax forms rest of the story.

This is such a fake scenario from the word go that every twist and turn makes you more dull and inert rather than causing a rush of adrenalin.

With no moral compunctions shown by either politicians,cops,hitmen,molls and lovers,it does have some shock value but no emotional connect at all.

It so reminds one of Gangs Of Wasseypur in its tone,characterisations,setups and lingo,with an extra effort to provide some comic and weird contrasts in characters’ professional and personal lives.

With all the tropes of a gangster movie in place, the screenplay lurches ahead with forced one-liners aimed at front benchers.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has to rethink his choice of roles as he is in danger zone of repeating himself.

Bipida Bag has flaunted her assets without restraint and really gone all out to enact intimate scenes. One can gauge this from the truncated hot scenes left over after censors’ scissors and tribunal’s green signal.

Jatin Goswami as a young hitman shows some chutzpah. Divya Dutta as a don-in-politician’s garb tries her best to look and behave as one.

Director Kushan Nandy has no fresh angle to offer literally and symbolically.

By the time it ends you rush out to get breath of fresh air.After all, for how long can you endure creative and moral pollution.


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